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The nine stage: 19016 lottery prediction of Manchester City at Rome Milan Sike Gunners Serie A

2019-02-03 08:32 North late New Vision Network TF003

The lottery is composed of 2 Premiership games, 2 games in the Bundesliga, Serie A in 4 games, 3 games and 3 league, Eredivisie games, on the whole, the difficulty is not too small, but the race is more striking.

First, a Dutch game, PSV against Fortuna, a little do not understand, this is not the free game? Although Fortuna is ranked number 10, but only 23 integral, road record is 2 - poor 2 5 negative, a single 3.

Come back to look at two Premier League game against Manchester United, Leicester City, the last round of the game both teams draw, Leicester city road is tenacious draw in Liverpool, Manchester United is in the home court difficult draw with Burnley, the game will not encounter things that Manchester United Solskjaer first defeat since taking office. I valued unbeaten.

Manchester City, Arsenal, which should be regarded as a strong dialogue, the city ranked second, Arsenal ranked fourth, but if you look at Arsenal's away record, this field should be 3.

I chose four Serie A games against teams from the state of Florence, the guest should be the most likely, the remaining three games proposed to increase the check.

La Liga games against Atletico, Royal Bettis, preferred guest; Real Madrid against Alves, can be considered cold flat stroke.

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