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The Beijing Evening News readers in advance SYPC Badachu Temple West Beijing famous temples between spring variety

2019-02-01 15:24 beijing evening news TF021

The new year is around the temple and early part of the Year customs handed down. But until today, Beijing people visiting the temple is more like the appointment a New Year Carnival, is to be a solar term, festive atmosphere transfer experience between people, is not specific in the temple is not important. But this is not absolute, Badachu Jingxi mountains in the Spring Festival as usual for everyone to prepare a temple has a will of the event; and according to the organizers, this year's lunar new year to the fifth period, the sixth session of the Badachu Spring Festival temple fair on the pattern is more.

Recently, the official website of the newspaper, the North night vision network specially organized new readers friends live SYPC; looked at the new year is approaching, may wish to follow their lens feelings ahead of Chinese new year, new year ahead of time to let mood burning up.

In February 1, 2019, the Beijing evening news special reports on activities

Temple incense circles ring the New Year Spring Festival temple fair open chapeau

Orthogonal moment, Badachu park will be held in the New Year bell sounded in six by CCTV broadcast, the temple incense circles, the blessing of the acoustic to pass to the world; and with the "memorable tonight", Badachu Spring Festival Temple Fair has thus officially opening.

This year, Badachu will launch a new year, the temple into the door, go, worship Fu Lu Fukuyama, auspicious bell, drum, hammer knock on peace, blessing, incense, candle point at Stamford Bridge, Fu Fu tea to eat cake, play money, with auspicious home "as the main line of the series of blessing culture project experience to create a peaceful, Chinese traditional Spring Festival cultural atmosphere for the public to celebrate the lunar new year outstanding Hai Fu sent thousands of households, the old Beijing folk culture, provide a good place for the Spring Festival holiday leisure, health gathered for the eight Party of tourists.

The monk presided over the prayer will be blessing for the people Xinxiangshicheng

As the Beijing Buddhist shrine, Badachu Emmanuel temple to worship the Buddha tooth is famous in the world. Lunar New Year's day at nine in the morning, Emmanuel Temple monks will hold the opening ceremony fumen at the park gate site for tourists, blessing the new year happy and healthy, good luck in everything.

From the first day to the fifth day, Badachu every day will be held by monks, there will be the scene for the public. Visiting the temple, Xu wish, this year particularly concentrated flavor.

Hiking trails and bursting with happiness.

In order to boost the "Beijing Olympics", this temple combination of Winter Olympic Games mascot, held in the exhibition around the square. The exhibition is currently covers a display of the most complete Olympic mascot.

The new year old traditional cultural heritage of old Beijing

With the "golden pig" landscape in Badachu District square outside the temple door appearance, ready to work on completion. As a temple is the temple, promote the old Beijing folk traditional folk culture heritage, has always been a feature of the Badachu temple. This year, the temple during the Beijing new year old popular entertainment in this embodiment.

Your eyes play money is one of them. In Ying Tsui lake, about 5 meters high, 20 meters long giant money at Wall writing of "fortune" and other characters, covered with "money", visitors can "open", everyone can be satisfied.

Hit the drum is the old Beijing people the custom of the Chinese new year, the organizers will set up six surface drum in the park big tree next to the Plaza, praying for tourists to.

In a sense, Badachu temple is the old Beijing folk culture heritage.

The traditional opera staged race Jingwei snack Fragrance Hill

This temple, Badachu invited the team to attend the summit in Beijing traditional performances. Beijing thirteen flower temple worship will go marching in the visitors side; Huolang Tiaodan go from village to village rattle cries the folk performances on the stage can be heard without end; the traditional comic, storytelling, drums will take people returning to the feelings of the traditional folk culture.

In the old Beijing special purchases for the Spring Festival snacks on the street, lib, fried sausage, ice, sugar ears, Tomatoes on sticks stewed, soybean flour cake, a superb collection of beautiful things.

In addition, Badachu Park, winding mountain road, the mountains and fresh air, with trees on both sides of the road covered with red lanterns and a symbol of celebration, full along on the road "fortune wealth" big footprints, not only can ascend to enjoy the scenery, but also in situ digestion, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

The ticket number hidden surprise Temple luck tickets

This year is the 70th anniversary of the national day, the organizers create new styles in the ticket with the article, it is understood, who purchased the tail number is "70", "321" temple tickets for tourists, can be lucky to get a "Fu" souvenir.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter: Xiaoyu Cao Wen

Qiao Jian Du Zhiguang: Di Hui Gao Wanfu photo reader

Edit process: TF021

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