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Beijing eight Bridge Hospital old building sewer was finally cleared, residents like to see smile!

2019-02-01 13:26 beijing evening news TF010

A month ago, the reporter walked into the Liu family when the pendulum is very conspicuous in the size of the bucket toilet and kitchen, "whether it is washing clothes, wash your face, all in a bucket, the sewer pipe has been blocked, not daring to go inside the drainage." A look into the kitchen and bathroom floor drain, has been quick drying cement and sealed, washing machine and washing pool of dirty water discharged only buckets, and then carry out the door, into the drainage well outside the building in.

Because the pipeline is blocked, the toilet often will pan out water, dirt and garbage, so Liu toilet drain removed, sealed with cement. Liu believes that the cause of the blockage of the sewer in the aging pipeline, there are garbage clogging.

Because the floor drain is blocked, she and her family can only go to public baths, outside to the toilet. Are similar to almost 1 building a layer of all the residents of the home, a 2 unit balcony residents will hit a hole, hole along the sewage directly discharged to the outside, and the Liu family door neighbor will also remove the toilet. The toilet and shower the needs of daily life, become placed in front of a layer of the residents of a not a small problem.

Anti pollution

Sealed all Xiashuikou

Bali Qiao Nan Hospital No. 1 building is a building in the last 60 years old building, the building sewer often blocked, from the sewer pan out of the water and even swept over the ground when the most serious, live in a layer of people suffered. Two years ago, under the Liu family in the closet and began to drain pan sewage and dirt, helpless, one family hit off the toilet, put all the water mouth sealed with cement. As a result, the sewage flood problem is solved, one family can use the toilet, bathroom has become a problem.

Before the new year, the good news finally came. In urging Guanzhuang area office, property, engineering team, blocking the sewer pipe for two years was finally clear, the Liu family in normal drainage. She is very satisfied to say: "finally we can get down to the new year, don't worry again in the sewage flow."

For self-help

Standing various tools home

In order to deal with the sewage pan from time to time, Liu family standing in quick dry cement, cement mixing tools Goods are available in all varieties. plastic pots, put in close position. Many of these patches in the bathroom, it was her letter, "I was a single mother, but now I definitely pass the maintenance technology, which are forced out."

The residents have come at their own expense to clear the sewer workers. But the workers said that the pipeline has been unable to clear, is definitely not a simple congestion; then residents also found a project team, after testing found that there are a lot of silt 1 downstairs, construction workers were unable to.

Guanzhuang area office said in reply to reporters, eight yuan bridge belongs to the old district, district part of the facility is very old. According to the specific situation reflected Liu, the office staff to the scene to see, and asked the residential property to find a professional company to inspect, the 1 floor of the situation analysis, and put forward specific solutions. Last month, the office has always dealt concerned.

Hot wire

The blockage of the pipe flow

Finally, on the eve of the Spring Festival good news, the sewer No. 1 was finally clear, Liu home closed two floor drain can normally use the toilet, also installed a new toilet.

In January 9th, the project team came to No. 1 in front of the building will be dug up the ground, water pipes under the original demolition. Ms. Liu said, under the water removed from it is dry, the sewer has blocked the building visible. Subsequently, the sewer workers use the tool to clear the building, less than 3 minutes, a large number of sewage with oil outflow, "see the problem can be completely resolved, I am really happy ah!" Ms. Liu said excitedly.

The accumulation of all the sewage outflow, the workers will be a new sewer installation, the ground backfill, the whole project lasted more than 6 hours. In the afternoon, Ms. Liu will have sealed the leak to scuttling, found inside the water level dropped a lot, she decided to observe a period of time. Then a week of time, in no case the water drain. Last week, she installed a new toilet, and the washing machine and wash the pool water is connected to the drain, drainage in normal.

Blocked sewer for two years was finally cleared, the Spring Festival let Liu very comfortable. These days she is busy at home to wash, washing machine drain hiss, she found her life also have the goal. She also hoped that, whether the owners or tenants, but also to maintain the good environment together.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Reporter: Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: TF10

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