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The alley width was built for the Beijing kindergarten donghuashi illegal street without a "coup" with sincerity

2019-01-30 16:55 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday this column focuses on illegal building on the streets of Hepingli, Dongcheng District filed a demolition of illegally built, East Market Street. It is also worth talking about coup. In 2018, the East Market Street has the strong China alley and Guangqumen Qiaodongbeijiao Hotel part after the renovation, the introduction of a kindergarten. This move on the one hand, shoot two hawks with one arrow, solves the problems surrounding the lack of kindergarten, one hand to improve the living environment of the nearby. Chinese strong alley after renovation, the narrow width, head of chaos if fly line twist disappeared, ensured the safety of the people, the environment is getting better.

Chinese strong alley in the demolition of illegally built

No big promotion illegally built environment

In Guangqumen Qiaodongbeijiao youken the kindergarten, ushered in the first winter vacation it. The kindergarten built only half the time, meet the residents around the child's admission requirements. However, just over a year ago, the building was surrounded by layers of illegally built. East Market Street urban management law enforcement team commissar Jiang Rui introduced, this is typical of the ground floor built in vitro.

Last year the newspaper had sustained attention here illegal situation. East Market Street official said the reporter, after vacate space will be the introduction of a bilingual kindergarten. Then the East Market Street education resources tight, the whole area of only three kindergartens, and the faithful in the area illegally built no kindergarten. The introduction of the kindergarten so that space, but also the surrounding residents desire.

The introduction of new governance after youken kindergarten

Jiang Rui told reporters that in 2005 the building began to "expand", the building body continuously "fat", this part of the building up is very dangerous, support only four cement columns and several pairs of steel. In 2017, the East Market Street urban management law enforcement team started on the regulation of the illegal construction. Before demolition, law enforcement officers found the building construction drawings, and planning department staff repeatedly approved, unauthorized location was determined.

With the demolition work in depth, the law enforcement team found that this building is far from their imagination of simple structures. "On the surface of the demolition of illegally built, exposing the inside of the illegal construction, demolition work was carried out before and after 3 months, the building lost a lot." 2018 6 in the removal of illegal construction work ended, Jiang Rui found the building was extended over 8 meters. In the ease of rectification work, street joint urban management, public security departments, the hotel will be around 1400 square meters of unauthorized removal of all, will be just below the floor of the 2600 square meters of underground space rent off all.

With the demolition of illegally built on the ground, the building previously existing underground space partition room scattered rent issues have been rectification. Now the building is a layer of markets in Chongwenmen, the two layer is just opened in the first half of youken kindergarten, while the three layer is a hotel. Illegally built thoroughly governance, not only led to the surrounding environment, but also solve problems surrounding residents children's park. This International Bilingual Kindergarten covers an area of 3000 square meters, can accommodate 300 preschool children. Hospital illegal vacated more than 1000 square meters as the playground, the rest of the 2600 square meters of underground space has become a warehouse.

No more bright eyes hidden

China strong alley in the East Market Street surrounding hinterland, are frequently more than 10 million per square metre of the building, but there are other life scene. In 60s the building completed, wrapped in contemporary cottage, composed of today's Chinese strong alley. Once Chinese strong alley there Sidaluanjian, let the local streets and urban management department is a headache. "After the inspectors visited the learned, these Sidaluanjian mostly local residents with the." Jiang Rui said.

Now a lot of strong China spacious alley

Before Sidaluanjian removed, Chinese strong alley in the aisle on average only 30 cm wide, both sides also piled a lot of debris, the head is tangled like twist wire, even the alley fire exits are blocked. Living in China strong alley No. 1 floor residents recalled that once this cottage is a black line in the upstairs, the gas tank can be seen everywhere, feeling hidden in the side, looked particularly worried.

Now a lot of spacious alley cottage area, on both sides of the debris disappeared, the overhead wire was also introduced into the wall of the line in the box on the ground, re laying tiles, the walls of the house re install the insulation layer, not only the environment better, security risks are reduced to a minimum. The surrounding residents also call 12345, the quality of praise territorial street and city management.

The environment is good by others

The successful removal of illegally built years, cannot do without urban, Street staff door-to-door to understand the situation. The local residents of the housing, only 7 to 20 square meters area, with the passage of time, the original residential area can not meet the home just, so many residents began to build a house in the alley on the ground.

Demolition of illegally built Chinese strong area, East Market Street urban management law enforcement team did not take a "broad brush" approach. On the contrary, the staff according to the actual situation of each household, in as much as possible to help them at the same time, the timely removal of illegally built. Hao good uncle residents travel inconvenience, secretly in the side of the road to self built houses to live 3 houses, a total of 40 square meters. East Market Street workers understand the situation, and quickly contact uncle Hao conduct home visits. During the visit, the staff patiently explained to him the existence of security risks of illegally built, illegally built block fire safety channel, it will bring risks to other residents Chinese Qiang Hu tong. Taking into account the staff physical reason Hao uncle, after many consultations, decided on the property of the main Hao uncle opened a door, easy access. After the staff repeatedly home, Hao uncle willing to support and actively cooperate with the illegal street, take the initiative to clean up the illegal items within easy days after the removal of illegal construction work.

Resident Mr. Zhang is strong Chinese alley no housing, is in the alley since the building itself is not the real living. After the discovery of staff through communication and Mr. Zhang, he has a house in the separation of families in Shunyi. So the staff rushed to Shunyi District, the survey found that the house is rented for Mr. Zhang, said that he himself did not name real estate. Considering the actual situation of Mr. Zhang, the staff decided to keep a room for it, and hope that Mr. Zhang find shelter as soon as possible. Mr. Zhang received a reply after the very moved, not only with the illegal work, will also take the initiative to clean up the house items.

Continuous efforts, thanks to the preparatory work for the early 2018, illegal China Qiang Hu Tong's work began soon, spacious and clean alley in front of everyone's eyes. Jiang Rui said with deep feeling: "governance involves the interests of tenants illegally built, we should take the initiative to communicate with residents, help them solve problems. Like friends can sit down and talk, rather than standing in the opposite. Let them know that we really want to help them."

During that time, Jiang Rui and his colleagues basically every day in the administrative field, even if there is no governance with household communication, so as to find the situation to solve the problem. Before each Jiang Rui to the demolition of illegally built, eight or nine home to do the work, not only to protect the illegal work smoothly, also moved to the local residents.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen text and photo governance before the picture provided by the East Market Street

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