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Beijing Hing Building 1 Hepingli Street started the demolition of illegally built environment "first shot"

2019-01-29 14:07 beijing evening news TF021

"This is a great thing before Chinese New year!" Ande south, once UN Hing Building 1 is surrounded by layers of structures: old coal shed and illegally built, 108 rooms for the restaurant, food processing workshop. Living in the building residents said, the old building is in the wood on the same. In Hepingli Street office, Dongcheng District urban management efforts and cooperation, this year 1 month 19 day to 21 day, only 3 days, surrounded by old buildings were demolished illegally built one-off, residents applauded. This action also marks the official beginning of the streets of Hepingli for 2019 years to enhance environmental management work.

UN Hing Building 1, after the demolition of illegally built

People headaches Scrabble old almanac

Say, Xing Habitat building 1 sources with the Beijing subway, first built in Beijing subway, here is the tiedaobing dormitory building, visible "age" is not really small. The 5 layer of the old building is divided into 3 units, about 45 households, the construction of buildings, heating in winter have to burn coal, so early for hoarding coal shed appeared.

With the passage of time, to promote coal to electricity, coal gradually phased out in front of the building. The last part extends the age-old, a large number of illegal construction, a total of 108 rooms, the old buildings crowded around. For these illegally built live people, more is for business, canteen, restaurant, food processing workshop beyond count. Most of the time, the rental toll reached more than 300 people, it is nearly 3 times the residents upstairs.

UN Hing Building 1, provided by Hepingli Street office before the demolition of illegally built

"In the past, the rain is to pad brick ah!" Memories of the days before the demolition of illegally built buildings, residents have experienced a building door, illegally built among the students out of the road only one wide, two people meet to sideways. Not around the toilet, do buy even urine wastewater sellers are basically on the road, when the road is not loose. "Don't say that it is a bad way to go, don't mention it." Living in the building, the day was smoke, odor problems residents miserable.

"Of course was more worried about the problems!" Yesterday, reporters came to see the UN Hing 1 building, the old building facade on a lot of pipelines in the construction conditions, now outside the building of the pipeline including gas pipeline. Surrounded by all kinds of small workshops in the old building, gas tank, all kinds of coal stove, if an accident occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Get rid of the old hidden winter PEP

For the old building, Hepingli Street office has been very concerned about. One hundred thousand Lane Street Street office director Zhang Hong said, in 2018, these small workshops in front of the building work has been started, then through the management of open hole wall, the merchant Street opened the doors and windows are blocked. From then on, they began the mobilization work.

Back in January this year at the beginning of this cold Jin son, who remember, home visits, centralized mobilization work is in the start. In order to ensure that every family has a building, is in such a cold night, Zhang Hongxin led to the UN Hing Building 1, issued to residents of this book, patiently for everyone to sort out the policies and regulations. "Even if not the door, can let me standing in the doorway, listen to me to say a few words." Before Zhang Hongxin and staff who drink enough water, ginger sugar water, do a good job in the cold wind for long standing.

"The law, reason and emotion, this is our way of mobilization." Mobilization is not simple, in front of the building, the old shed was built illegally built residential, for rental income is, in front of the interests, not just a few simple words can let the residents change ideas. Zhang Hong said, the first argument, a principle, is to be demolished illegally; unreasonable, to make people understand, the existence of these illegally built have much of a security risk; from the situation, in the process of demolition of illegally built, the practical difficulties of residents should also consider. For example, some elderly people to take their own things illegally built when the warehouse, from the warehouse out very quickly, we can help the elderly people to contribute, carefully moving things, how to move, to greet uncle aunt. Through this step, residents also gradually from conflict to understand, then see the demolition of illegally built, are now very supportive, and we are very moved."

Street departments report whistle

"A spade a spade half pipe, cable, this is a difficult problem when the demolition of illegally built." Zhang Hongxin introduced, because the building construction time earlier, past underground pipelines buried shallow structures, the slightest mistake, it is possible to encounter the pipe, so the demolition of illegally built, the streets also make full use of the "whistle report" of this mechanism, the relevant departments to actively respond, Qi field, joint research program illegal.

"Weekend is because the residents at home, what's the problem of illegal residents can be provided at any time." In from January 19th to 21st, with a great cold solar term. In the cold, illegal building work started. The fragile Road, into a row of small flags, which is rare in the past action. The plug of the flag position, there are pipelines below, the construction process, should pay special attention to. Two hook machine with artificial rapid approach, when a roof was opened illegally built, residents saw the structure inside the house, I gasped, this was more understanding of the good intentions of the street.

"Such a small, can you imagine how many rooms are there?" Zhang Hongxin is a local hospital building on the corner. Reporters saw the place where he is, see also is to hold a half room from the area, judging from the demolition of illegally built tiles remaining after the "context", there was never stop half, but like a maze. Zhang Hong said, built the "veil" revealed, all the residents are very shocked, a small piece of land around the door, four or five rooms like pieces twisted together, one room area lay people lying straight, such a house there are a lot of flammable items. Informed residents had said that the old building in the same frame as firewood, no false statement.

The "pull 3 cars muck, not enough, second days to send more than 10 cars." 3 days, around 700 square meters of illegally built all old buildings demolished. Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the past one meter wide path, now set aside seven or eight meters of space. To avoid dust, waiting for the recovery of the pavement to be covered by the side of the road, there are a small illegal coal shed. Over the years, the old shed will be dismantled.

Catch the environment to develop in depth

Reporters from the Hepingli Street office learned that such over years opened in spring, the overall environment Hing Building 1 more will be different. In the remaining coal shed after the demolition, the road in front of the building will be hardened, and permeable brick laying, residents parking and road to solve the two problems of the rain water. After will increase the overall environment to enhance greening, building homes.

The campaign is a larger scale, the streets of Hepingli currently demolishing the largest illegal construction community, marking the Hepingli streets in 2019 to enhance environmental management work started. At the same time, Zhang Hongxin also said that, unlike in previous years, this year the streets will be the environmental remediation work, to the depth of the District, the residents attention home environment construction difficulties and key problems are solved successively, let residents have more sense.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Yiming text and photo

Edit process: TF021

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