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Pavement distress, potholes constantly, no street lights accidents... Beijing Changping this road how to cure?

2019-01-28 15:41 The party to help you do TF020

Recently, Liu readers to the newspaper sent an e-mail to reflect Changping District Beiyuan Road from Qinghe bridge to the Changping District fire brigade squadron added in front of the hundreds of meters on the road, not only road damage, potholes constantly, when the vehicle passes through the bumpy, and on both sides of the road has not installed street lights, night driving accident often. Especially in Beiyuan Road in the middle of the white square on the road in front of the market, illegal parking phenomenon is serious, traffic jams become homely food.

Parking crowded narrow road

The lack of street car inconvenience

1 month 20 day afternoon, the reporter came to the bus Beiyuan Road, is located in the middle of the road to find the White Fang food market. The reporter saw in the market front, a north-south Beiyuan Road this section of the road, about three of the width of the road is two tin block up, there are subway and road construction, the rest of the road only 8 meters wide, the two-way driving motor vehicle always on the move, extremely crowded.

Reporters at the scene observed, because the street is the white square vegetable market, a variety of vehicles parked on both sides of the door, a tricycle, a van, there are many private cars, this is not the broad street was packed to the brim, leading many vehicles to the market before can't make a move, the vehicle from north to south in front of the market to squeeze into a gruel. In order to avoid the traffic, most pedestrians have to go around the parked vehicles on both sides of the road, walking in the middle of the road, cars and people competing traffic, scenes of confusion and insecurity.

Live in day three District Dongyuan residents Lee told reporters that the vegetable market in front of the road is narrow and congested, mainly because of the underground part of Beiyuan Road from south to north are repairing the subway line 17, the construction side of the road pavement surrounded around the narrow road, leading to increased, traffic congestion. "The government subway temporary lane, nearby residents can understand, can not block the road, need to strengthen traffic and parking management! Not like this, all disorderly driving, disorderly parking, prone to traffic accidents." Mr. Lee told reporters recently, he witnessed several incidents, another time, he saw some residents to buy food from the food market, through the enclosure, to cross the street, had been traveling in the vehicle rub, knocked down, too dangerous. "This section of the road is no pedestrian crossing, no traffic lights, traffic signs, car people are mixed together, is too messy." Mr. Lee complained.

Reporters along the White Fang vegetable market in front of the Beiyuan Road a few hundred meters Road walking several times, found a lot of traffic, but can not find the street on the side of the road. According to nearby residents here, the long-term lack of street lights, night driving and pedestrian walk, basically rely on motor vehicle headlamps lighting, dark road is not good to go dark. "Like the regular municipal road, long overdue placement of lights, can not let you walk in the dark." Several residents interviewed expressed the same appeal to reporters.

Even small pit pit road

Tim traffic safety hazard

Reporters in Beiyuan Road from Qinghe bridge to the fire brigade squadron added in front of the road investigation, also found that the pavement damage condition is serious. In the white square about 20 meters on the north side of the door of the markets where a Tai Hang Road, which showed a gravel. Continue to go south, where more and more uneven, several sets of small pit pit, leading to the road there was undulating slope, passing vehicles on rough. Some drivers, who to this section of the road, who have a headache, not only the pit Britain will bad car chassis, even car stalling problems, exacerbated by the traffic jam. "Now you see the traffic situation was good, morning and evening peak, South two-way vehicle is often blocked, long queues are not open for a long time past. The drivers are getting angrier." Mr. Li told reporters standing on the roadside.

Mr. Lee and the surrounding residents said, although accounting for a portion of the road construction of the subway, but also not be Beiyuan Road tube failure reason. I hope the relevant departments to punish market door parking chaos phenomenon, installed street lights, and fix the serious breakage of the pavement, let you travel to safety.

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