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There are too many boxes in double 11. What should I do? A small gift can be obtained from the "return box project".

2018-11-14 10:41. beijing evening news TF010

How do we deal with double 11 express boxes? Staying at home, throwing away and polluting the environment, it is better to carry them to the carton recycling point and join the energy saving and environmentally-friendly "rookie back box plan".

Green paper or brooch for recycling cartons on campus

"Courier No. 13 is more than 10000 more than usual! However, it is estimated that today is the peak. " Thousands of express boxes are placed on high shelves on the downstairs of Renmin University of China, which is magnificent. A courier, while carrying the carton, told reporters that he would be busy today because the quantity of double 11 was too large. The surprise is that most of the students who take the express pick up the express on the spot and send the boxes to the shared recycling desk nearby, and get a small gift: green plants or brooches.

It turned out that the students were responding to the "beautiful China, I am an actor" public welfare Campaign sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Foundation and the rookie green alliance. Yesterday afternoon, the event was officially launched at Renmin University of China, and the 2018 box plan was introduced in detail. From now until November 20th, nearly 100 universities such as Zhejiang University and Sichuan Foreign Languages University will take part in the plan. The student associations of these universities will conduct regular express carton recycling public welfare activities regularly, bringing green environmental philosophy into the campus.

At the launching ceremony, the responsible person of the propaganda and Education Department of the Ministry of ecology and environment said: the majority of young people should start with the little things around them and pursue a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle. It is reported that the propaganda and education center of 8 provinces has also joined the box recycling plan this year, and has put together more than 130 recycling stations.

Map software can search key points for recovery points.

The double 11 express boxes at home can also be added to this action. This year's double 11, rookie launched more than 200 new cities in the country's new "back box plan". At present, more than 5000 green recycling stations across the country are in place. Among them, Beijing has more than 10 recycling points.

Interested citizens can first search for the "rookie back box plan" through Gao de map, find nearby recycling points, donate cartons, use mobile phones Taobao, Alipay, rookie wrapped APP in the rookie post yards scan, there is a chance to get the green energy of individual ants forest. Consumers on Taobao mobile search "Urban Environmental Ambassadors", praise green recycling behavior, but also add green energy to their cities. The first city of green energy will receive a million yuan public welfare fund. Up to now, more than 3 million 500 thousand cartons have been recovered under the national line.

"Back to box plan has been done for more than a year, from a short-term public welfare activities, gradually become the standard of rookie post." Niu Zhi Jing, the head of green rookie green action, said.



Source: Beijing evening news Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF10

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