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Tmall double eleven turnover of 213 billion 500 million, over 100 million express will arrive in Beijing!

2018-11-12 09:30 Beijing daily public address TF010

Yesterday, "double 11" ushered in its tenth year. The collective Carnival under the online and offline business has become a reviewing field for Chinese traditional business and brand upgrading.

21 seconds to break through 1 billion

2 minutes 05 seconds to break through 10 billion

1 hours, 47 minutes, 100 billion.

As of November 11th, 24 points, 2018 Taobao Tmall double eleven total turnover, 213 billion 500 million!

Some netizens laughed: I was also a member of over 200 billion big projects.

Some netizens remind: next shopping festival.

However, some netizens said they didn't spend a penny.

"Double 11" Beijing express will exceed 100 million pieces

With the "double 11" shopping cart emptied,

A large number of express parcels will embark on their journey.

Express brother, come on!

According to the news of the State Post Office, it is initially estimated that the "double 11" period, that is, from November 11th to 16th, the volume of postal (fast) business handled by the whole industry will exceed 1 billion 870 million, an increase of 25% over the same period last year. During the "double 11" period, the average daily handling capacity is 310 million, which is 2.4 times that of daily processing.

Beijing journalists learned from the Beijing post office that in from November 11th to 16th, the postal processing industry of Beijing post industry will exceed 100 million units, with a maximum daily processing capacity of 30 million units, 2.8 times the daily processing capacity, an increase of 43% over the 2017 maximum daily processing capacity.

How many pieces are there in this little brother?


This year's logistics pressure is mainly concentrated in the collection link. Beijing has changed from the express delivery city to the input city. In the first 9 months of this year, the quantity of the capital entering Beijing is 130 million more than that of Beijing.

In particular, the proportion of delivery business in the central urban area has increased steadily, accounting for 71% of the city's total. The arrival of the "double 11" business peak will further increase the closing pressure of the Beijing express delivery terminal.

This year, the Beijing post express industry has added 1234 new energy vehicles, and 4600 new intelligent express counters. It has accumulated about 10 thousand tons of materials such as paper saving by improving the utilization rate of electronic surface, implementing the belt reduction plan, promoting the use of recycled packaging boxes and transfer bags.

Your express delivery may be from high speed rail.

Liu Ping photo

From November 10th to November 20th, the train No. G83/506 of the Fuxing train will be returned to Beijing and Changsha every day. Wang Hongguang, director of China Railway Express operation, said that the train started from Beijing West Railway Station at 8:55 every day and arrived in Changsha on 14:38 the same day.

After discharging, the cargo was re loaded from Changsha at 15 hours and 5 minutes and returned to Beijing West Railway Station at 22 hours and 3 minutes that night. That is to say, "Fuxing" special freight car "double 11" period, every day in 13 hours, back to Beijing and Hunan.

According to the briefing, this is the first high-speed rail freight car opened in Beijing, and is also the first freight car to be launched since the Renaissance.

No matter the urban alley, or the field.

Wherever you are, they will be there.

They have only one idea.

Deliver the express to you in time.

When your doorbell rings

When you get the express waiting for a long time,

They may have gone for N hours.

Remember to speak to them.

Thank you!

"Rush shopping in the morning"

After 10 nights and 11 early morning rush and payment, as the sky became brighter, the "double 11" boom moved from line to line. Near the Fourth Ring Road in Northwest Beijing, at 10 a.m., it began to open for less than half an hour. In the Jin Yuan shop, the consumers who experienced the "fitting fitting room" and the online and offline grabbing consumers had already lined up several long lines in the store. This is the first home new retail wisdom store that Tmall and its home have jointly rebuilt, searching for the name of their own residential district and choosing the corresponding apartment.

At the same time, there were two stores in Beijing, and 19 in Beijing. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Jin Yuan shop opened and rushed into the consumer. Ms. Li, who drove from Wukesong, said that "double 11" stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning and got up early today to drive to Jin Yuan. "First come to buy a horse to buy lobster, and after visiting the box, we will make an appointment for the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet was picked up in the middle of the night, which is 400 yuan cheaper than before.

By the giant intelligent technology, big data and other technologies to achieve digital upgrading of the offline business super, home stores have begun to hand in the scene of the hot answer. According to the traffic flow and transaction data of word of mouth platform, the passenger flow and trading volume of Beijing merchants under the "double 11" day is at least 15% higher than that of the daily weekend.

This "double 11", 100 new retail business circles, 20 smart stores, 62 Yintai stores, 41 incredibly home, nearly 100 boxes of fresh horses, 470 new retailers, 1 million hungry and word of mouth merchants were all involved in this business carnival.

It is not just Alibaba that reinventing business with technology. "Double 11" the day before, Jingdong X future restaurant opened in Tianjin, from ordering, garnish, stir fry, dish to meal, settlement, intelligent robot and artificial intelligence background runs through the whole process of restaurant operation, using oil and materials can achieve precise and intelligent operation.

"I'll take a copy of the shopping cart."

"I need to hand in my shopping cart soon. Whose shopping cart is it for me to copy?"

"Do you want to buy anything? It doesn't feel like buying. "

In addition to the previous night's efforts to join in the shopping list, the "chopping hands party" in the shopping list, micro-blog, WeChat friends circle and other social platforms, many consumers sigh, want to participate in the "double 11", but because of busy work and other reasons, in a dazzling variety of commodity venues lost, do not know what to buy.

On the eve of "double 11", Taobao launched a social game called "little black group". "Small black group" is open to female users with a certain consumption activity and naughty value of more than 600 points. It encourages them to build a small circle of acquaintances within 15 people, sharing goods and shops, and in return, sharing and recommending goods links selected in the group. Finally, it can get the "return blood red envelopes" and large scale coupons issued by the platform. This game comes from the discovery of Taobao's operation team. "Every day, a large number of users will share commodities or shops and exchange shopping experiences in a fixed circle, especially women."

Jingdong also integrates social elements into this year's shopping experience. "Social Rubik", relying on the technical support of Jingdong platform, has developed more than 20 social interaction tools, including people's answers, everyone's price cutting, grabbing dolls, red envelopes, fission bags and so on. The pattern that first appeared in the many spells and many other electronic business models is now valued by more and more mainstream e-commerce providers.

Cao Lei, director of the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, analyzed the rapid development of the social e-commerce industry this year. The effect of the "e-business + social" mode has been verified. All kinds of small programs, short videos, group buying, sharing, and social media have entered the market. Shopping socialization is becoming the trend of the times. Analysis of the industry, with the growth of e-commerce on the pure line is facing the ceiling, through the technology recycling line under the new business, through social networking to further stimulate the "increment" and fission, become an important way for the business tycoons to seek new growth space.



Source: Beijing daily public address

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