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And then zoom trick! Beijing office rental housing intermediary will be severely punished, the penalty units leased workers

2018-11-09 19:11 Beijing daily client TF003

Remediation of illegal public rental sublet to the big move". Reporter recently learned from the Municipal Construction Committee issued a "notice", based on strictly illegal sublease lend public rental households eligible for management work in the near future, continue to intensify supervision, and recently drafted "on further increase public rental sublet, lend supervision notice physical strength" (Draft), and today (November 9th) in the Municipal Construction Committee website for public comment.

Municipal Construction Committee responsible person, the "Circular" focus on the implementation of responsibility from management units to strengthen the management of property sector regulatory responsibilities, strengthen supervision and punishment, the joint crackdown agency and network platform violations, strengthen the application of technical means, improve accountability mechanisms put forward specific requirements, establish a long-term mechanism to improve the public rental housing the use of supervision.

The contract to increase the liability for breach of contract

The draft in accordance with the "who hold, who management" principle, a clear public rental property unit is the first responsibility of public rental supervision, require the establishment of special management system and equipment management specialist. The property unit should be leased, lent to refine the behavior of the specific circumstances in the public rental contract and the liability for breach of contract, to strengthen the protection of the family housing warning education. At the same time, the property unit to the daily public rental policy publicity, guide the family legal compliance of the use of housing, once found the family suspected of sublease, subtenancy, property unit shall promptly investigate and verify and dispose of.

The implementation of the joint disciplinary violations of the family

For the existence of violations of public rental households, the family should apply in areas where the security department to cancel the qualification in accordance with the provisions of low-income housing, and then apply for public rental and housing common property not allowed in 5 years; the district housing security departments issued "the illegal use of affordable housing administrative decision book", and the family basic information, illegal violations, the processing results to be published by the official website content.

Not only that, the sublet, lend such illegal use of public rental information, will also be in accordance with the relevant provisions to the relevant departments and units, the implementation of the joint disciplinary violations of the family.

Crack down on office rental intermediary

It is worth mentioning that the intermediary agency office rental brokerage business, will also crack down on. Public rental project area of housing and urban construction department in conjunction with the departments of industry and commerce, to the public rental housing surrounding real estate brokerage agencies to strengthen inspections, establish linkage inspection mechanism, strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions, to provide public rental sublet, lend and other brokerage institutions and practitioners to be punished severely.

In addition, the district housing security management departments, public rental property units will also be timely attention to suspected public rental sublet information released by the main network platform, and carry out investigation and verification, the relevant departments in accordance with the illegal houses issued subject ordered rectification and punishment.

The staff also punished unit sublet.

Reporters noted that the draft also regulate the social collective units of rental housing management. In accordance with the "notice" on Further Strengthening the management of public rental housing allocation, for public Yaohao remaining houses take filing lease of public rental households first come first served, social unit collective lease unit of society, and in accordance with the "on the housing security policy to support the optimization of talent development views" public rental oriented talent supply, take made public rental unit in society in the name of the unit for the district housing security departments should further strengthen the guidance policy propaganda and management business units must do the workers family warning education, and illegal behavior and employee performance appraisal linked to illegal sublet behavior of social units, in addition to penalties for violations of the individual. For social units will also be cancelled according to the proportion of public rental lease qualifications.

In the draft, lists the punishment rules: occurred within one year, the abolition of the unit 50% collective rental housing lease qualifications; second, will cancel the 80% collective rental housing lease qualifications; 3 and above, after the expiration of the contract will be charged back to the unit of all collective rental housing.

The old project next year 7 months ago by technical equipment

At the same time, the city will also strengthen the popularization and application of information technology. To draft the requirements, into the public housing project in the city low-income housing construction plan of the comprehensive use of face recognition, intelligent lock technology, strengthening the technical measures such as face recognition and control combination, to achieve non tenant family members are not allowed to enter the building unit door. For public rental housing projects into the new low-income housing construction plan shall be installed in technical equipment, equipment procurement, installation and other additional costs can be included in the cost of construction project; the stock does not meet the above requirements, to complete the reconstruction in July 1, 2019, reconstruction and operating costs can be included in the project cost management.

"12345" hotline to report sublease

In terms of social supervision, the property unit should be set in the rental management service station telephone, mail and other reporting platform, the establishment of specialized personnel to accept verification clues, one by one. For the true nuclear report information, in the full whistleblower protection on the basis of information, can give some money to reward. The public can also through the "12345" non emergency hotline for public rental sublet behavior found in the report.

Municipal Construction Committee official also introduced the draft further clear: the district housing security management departments, public rental property units exist according to the specified requirements of the relevant regulatory responsibilities, such as the behavior that is not timely family rent and lend and other irregularities, will be held accountable for the relevant departments and personnel responsibilities.

Reporter Cao Zheng

Source: Beijing daily client

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