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Beijing public rental sublet lent regulatory advice or cancellation of qualification for illegal units

2018-11-09 18:06 beijing evening news TF003

The city of supervision for public rental lease continues. Recently, the Municipal Construction Committee announced the "on further increase public rental sublet, lend the behavior of supervision and management of the notice", and to solicit public opinion in today. "The draft" not only reaffirmed the family of illegal sublet lent public rental, in the application of common property shall be 5 years, is also the first time the illegal sublet behavior social unit collective rental housing units with qualifications linked to renew, it happened within a year of 3 and above, after the expiration of the contract will recover the unit all collective rental housing.

Illegal sublet within 5 years can not apply for a total of delivery room

Public rental housing is the focus of supervision, "the draft".

"The draft" first proposed public rental property unit is the first responsibility of public rental supervision, require the establishment of special management system and equipment management specialist. The property unit should be leased, lent to refine the behavior of the specific circumstances in the public rental contract and the liability for breach of contract, once found the family suspected of sublease, subtenancy, property unit shall promptly investigate and verify and dispose of.

Secondly, the district housing security management should do a good job in the area of public rental project supervision and protection of the family management qualification. For the existence of violations of public rental households, the family should apply in areas where the security department to cancel the qualification in accordance with the provisions of low-income housing, and then apply for public rental and housing common property is not allowed within 5 years; the district housing security departments issued "the illegal use of affordable housing administrative decision book", and the family basic information, illegal violations, the processing results to be published by the official website content.

Third, the city housing security management department will further intensify inspection and supervision and punishment, sublet, lend and other related illegal use of public rental information, in accordance with the relevant provisions to the relevant departments and units, the implementation of the joint disciplinary violations of the family.

Intermediary agency of public rental housing will be subject to heavy penalties

The recent exposure of the public rental housing rental intermediary illegal behavior, always played an inglorious role. For this, "draft" proposed, public housing project area of housing and urban construction department will work with the departments of industry and commerce, to the public rental housing surrounding real estate brokerage agencies to strengthen inspections, establish linkage inspection mechanism, strictly on the basis of the "real estate broker management approach" (housing and urban Construction Department Order No. eighth) and other relevant regulations, to provide public rental sublet, lend and other brokerage agencies and practitioners to be punished severely.

At the same time, the district housing security management departments, public rental housing property units timely attention to the suspected public rental sublet information released by the main network platform, and carry out investigation and verification. City housing security management departments should collect network information published listings irregularities identified the material submitted to the municipal housing and Urban Construction Committee, municipal housing and Urban Construction Committee in conjunction with the relevant departments in accordance with the law on illegal houses issued subject ordered rectification and punishment.

Personnel of public rental year three illegal sublet units have the right to renew

Reporters noted that the social collective units of rental housing, "the draft" also gives specific provisions, the social unit to unit employees shall be a written commitment to public rental sublet, lend, and illegal behavior and employee performance appraisal. Social workers leased, lent units, in addition to penalties for violations of personal and social renewal units for qualification will be restricted, occurred within one year, the cancellation of the 50% units of collective rental housing lease qualifications; two, will cancel the 80% units of collective rental housing lease qualifications; three and more, after the expiration of the contract will recover the collective rental housing units.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF003

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