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A man in Beijing there is no danger on the road without escape after killed passers-by also claimed that is caused by the tree

2018-11-09 16:48 beijing evening news TF011

Man driving without a license to pay high insurance expired a small passenger car on the road, the person injured injured and escapes death due to illegal overtaking. In November 9th, Fangshan open court on the case the court verdict, sentenced the accused Liu guilty of traffic crime, sentenced in four years and four months.

The prosecutor accused 6 2018 9 month at 21 on Xu, Liu accused in obtaining a driving license is not the case, "Chery" brand driving small cars from west to east to Beijing City, Fangshan District Yue Liulu at West East Gas Station East, on the south side of the road vehicles, non motorized vehicles, suitable for a week a bike in front of the small car traveling in the same direction, right front and rear of the bike collided, causing the death of Zhou, both vehicles were damaged, Liu drove away.

The identification is the judicial identification in Beijing, Zhou meets the death caused by severe craniocerebral injury.

Identified by the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, Fangshan traffic detachment, Liu not lawfully obtained a motor vehicle driving license to drive a motor vehicle and illegal Overtaking Behavior, there is a causal relationship with the occurrence of road traffic accidents, all is the cause of the accident, Liu determined for all responsibility, no responsibility for a week.

The court found that the defendant Liu without obtaining a driving license, driving the vehicle has been compulsory since, but has expired, the defendant Liu Mouhuai chances on the road traffic, the defendant Liu Mouceng confessed: "I know there is no driver's license can not drive on the road, I think that will happen to be careful."

After the accident, slippery because of rain, the defendant Liu's vehicle sideslip around across the road, the thought of not driving this, Liu did not get off, not the police that fled the scene. The second day, the defendant Liu Mouru to go to work as usual, the vehicle just had a rub, a few days later in the morning then the accident car back home to repair, and when the car owner asked the damage reason of the vehicle, which is claimed to be the "tree" caused by.

In June 26, 2018, police in Fangshan District, a site of the defendant Liu captured, after appearing in court, the defendant Liu truthfully confessed crimes, the trial also pleaded guilty, repentance, in view of the defendant Liu Mouyou confessed the plot but did not compensate the victims and their families, without understanding, sentenced the defendant Liu guilty of traffic crime, sentenced to four years and four months prison.

The judge suggested that the majority of drivers on the road traffic: be sure to get the driving license, driving license, regular inspection, verification, and pay for the vehicle insurance, vehicle to avoid streaking".

At the same time, the driver should not be luck, driving without drinking, drugs, not fatigue driving, overloading, not illegal, once the accident occurred, not to flee the scene, the first time to rescue the injured and timely alarm. The court for map



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Yu

Editor: tf011

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