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Beijing Guangwai hospital morgue with coffin wreath accounted for parking responsible person said this is upset

2018-11-09 15:56 beijing evening news TF011

At night, a family of three area, touch the wreath, the coffin accounted for parking...... Mr. Ma recalled this scene still feel terrifying now. The person in charge of the hospital morgue to apologize, no longer do.

Not long ago, Mr. Ma family just out of the village, my daughter is pointing to the front asked: "Dad what is this?" Mr. Ma looked up, this is not a wreath, across the road from the parking lot. This is too wonderful, with wreaths for parking?" The opposite is the Xicheng District district is located outside the hospital morgue, Mr. Ma also speculated that perhaps who is temporarily placed in the funeral home.

Ten days later, Mr. Ma drove by and at the same time, the scene in front of his fried tongue, before laying wreath on parking parked in a coffin. The second day early in the morning he went to see the location, found a car parked hearse. "Don't let parking also don't put the coffin ah, this let pedestrians, children, and how to do community residents!" Mr. Ma complained.

This site is located in Xicheng District, Mr. Ma said the hospital morgue South Street, this afternoon, the reporter saw, on both sides of the road and the morgue door are full of parked cars, but no parking ground parking line. A hospital morgue official told reporters, had indeed practical funeral supplies occupied parking spaces, but it really helpless.

"This road had no parking spaces, but now it is filled, the middle room only for a car, no parking, back, truck blocking the road also trouble." The responsible person said, the car was an emergency, they readily pulled to funeral supplies accounted for parking spaces, but he says he won't do it again, to the residents around the inconvenience apologize.

The responsible person told reporters that the door is not only a hearse through the morgue, and the hospital's medical garbage trucks and vans, encountered high traffic congestion will appear when he said, in the morning he left the hearse general stop, won't stay for a long time, he also called near residential parking owners try to set aside public hospital car space.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qu Jingwei

Editor: tf011

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