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The RV campsite quietly rising with my family here close to nature!

2018-11-09 15:01 The Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee TF017

At this moment many of the world's corner there is fun, go out for a walk, meet the charming scenery and lovely people. RV camping gradually become the popular way to travel in the car parks have been quietly rising, one family neatly to happiness, and sleep in the landscape close to nature.

Xian long camp

Fangshan Shidu scenic area Xian campground located near the Shidu Island Scenic fairy Dragon Island, is a scenic Caravan and camping site. In addition, there is also a pergola and wooden stool in the picnic area, fishing, boating and other recreational activities area.

Address: Beijing City, Fangshan District Shidu Scenic Area

Tel: 13801308023

Beijing Water Bay Town car

Beijing Water Bay town has car, car cabin, three camping tent, can provide full of local characteristics of the cuisine and outdoor barbecue, outdoor recreational activities can also provide rich customers, such as fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding, open-air movies, such as picking.

Address: Beijing Miyun District Xinchengzi town southwest edge of Wuling Mountain National Nature Reserve

Tel: 13722880051

CTS Miyun Nanshan Town car

Nanshan Town is mainly composed of CTS Miyun car integrated service club, District, RV camp tent camping areas, recreational areas, RV, RV and camping hotel supplies exhibition area, logistics facilities etc.. The town of existing housing car 22, car, self driving camp 70, located in 300 acres of grounds, the security and privacy of each car and space position in the camp, open the door see mountain sunset, warm nest is closed.

Address: Beijing Miyun District of Henan Zhai Zhen Hedong Road 88 (near Nanshan Ski)

Telephone: 010-89087788

Wild Duck Lake District of Yanqing car camping base

Wild Duck Lake District of Yanqing car camping base covers an area of about 3600 square meters, the design has 18 car camp places. Camping provides water and electrical facilities and camping security etc.. In addition to the experience of camping, you can also visit the surrounding wild duck lake, bird watching, horseback riding, carriage of lake fishing and other recreational activities.

Address: Town wild duck lake scenic area in Beijing District of Yanqing City

Telephone: 010-69131226

Beijing Longwan international Camping Park

Beijing Longwan international car campground adjacent to the famous scenic spot of the Badaling Great Wall, Longqing Valley Park, Gui River system as the main, through the main entrance, the main venue, RV camp District, water district, mobile tent squatter camps, children's activity area, District, wooden villas, visitor center and other areas. Camping Park software and hardware facilities, is the first domestic and international standards of five star features campsites, optional types are: RV accommodation, wooden villas, mobile huts, tents, water container houses, a tent camp. No matter what type of accommodation, the same is natural and zero distance, even in the air are free breath!

Address: the old town of Beijing County Yanqing District Beijing Longwan Jinniu Lake International Camping Park

Telephone: 010-61152260


Source: Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission

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