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Old Summer Palace scenic area is slow to sweep the leaves of reed ginkgo into the best viewing period

2018-11-09 14:49 beijing evening news TF017

This year, Old Summer Palace Park and lake Changchun jade exquisite Museum Changchun sea garden Yue Lake and the surrounding waters of cardigan was designated as "natural ecological zone". In addition to not hit the top of the water reeds, autumn and winter Old Summer Palace will retain lotus landscape, gently sweep lion, ginkgo Avenue and other scenic areas of the leaves, leaving colorful viewing areas for visitors to enjoy.

Data for photo: Wang Haixin

At present, the reeds have entered the best viewing period, before December, visitors can enjoy the landscape in the reed jade exquisite Museum, Lion Grove, Fuhai lake and other scenic spots. At the same time, Old Summer Palace scenic sightseeing car special bypassing ginkgo Avenue, when tourists do not whistle; in the main tour line set point at any time for volunteer service tourists answering service.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF017

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