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Be careful! 2019 Beijing urban and rural medical insurance payment this month as focus

2018-11-09 14:46 beijing evening news TF017

This month, the end of the month, the 2019 year of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in the city centralized insurance payment to cut. Want to be insured persons domicile or residence of the social insurance premium payment procedures handled, if not timely payment or insurance, may influence their Medicare reimbursement treatment.

Beijing medical insurance information photo: An Xudong Hall

In 2019 last year with the same payment standard, including the elderly, children and students 180 yuan per person per year; working age residents 300 yuan per person per year. The insured person can use bank branches and online self-service payment method to pay insurance costs. Among them, the insured bank withheld in September 20, 2018 or October 20, 2018 and before November 20th according to the above standard sufficient amount. Please timely insured bank card balance inquiry, attention in ensuring the basic medical insurance premium paid in full on deposit 10 yuan, to avoid the occurrence of lack of balance from failure.

If you take the online self-service payment way of the insured, in between each month from 5 to 20, log on "Beijing social insurance online declaration service platform" (, using the agency reserved mobile phone number registered in the social security, and self-service payment. In addition, there are 13 types of difficult people enjoy full subsidies, who meet the personal allowance payment conditions and to 13 categories of persons insured (early retirement staff, back away from the old neighborhood activists, non working spouses of retired cadres died except), social security center will be docking with the relevant departments by each department will be exempted from the list provided to the staff the social security agencies, the insured need not submit relevant documents for the exemption eligibility test trial procedures.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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