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The "Beijing model" theme activities launched by example 5th anniversary recommend up to 250 thousand people

2018-11-09 14:25 beijing evening news TF008

This is the city "Beijing model" theme activities launched the fifth anniversary. In 5 years, the city's Street Township, village community and grassroots units at recommend side model has been widely recognized, and the response of the masses of the people. Yesterday morning, in the "Beijing model" outstanding group deeds forum, municipal Party committee to study an activity to "Beijing model" outstanding group decision.

"Beijing model" is the 90% ordinary citizens

In 5 years, the city's Street Township, village community and grassroots units recommend layers, the emergence of a large number of small, good, with the country, dedication, "4 centers" construction, the success of the Beijing "events" center hard selfless role model. At present, all levels recommended by example has reached 250 thousand people, the layers of selection into the municipal "model base" for example candidates close to 10 thousand people, was selected in recognition of the "Beijing model" week list, list and list the year month exceeded 600 people. Among them, 50 were elected as the "Beijing model" in the list. They are "outstanding group in Beijing model.

Among them, Jia Liqun, Gao Baolai and other 4 people were awarded the "China era model title, Liu Yujie, Gao Fenglin and other 4 people to be recognized as the" national moral models ", on behalf of Pan Ruifeng 8 people elected to the National Congress and the national" NPC and CPPCC ".

In the "Beijing model" in the group, more than 90% of all citizens. Both of them have an octogenarian old man still play, there are young struggling to work hard "80", "90"; both the dream, unremitting self-improvement of the disabled, also have their advanced characters dying; both scientists and entrepreneurs, professors, country artisans, workers and farmers, also participated in the Beijing the construction of "new Beijing".

The behavior of the individual is transformed into the group effect

According to the relevant person in charge of the capital of civilization, "Beijing model" activities with a wide range of social participation and the masses. In the example demonstration under the guidance of the general public to actively participate in the moral practice, "the behavior of the individual Beijing model is being transformed into the group effect. In the "Beijing model" social effects driven by various industries in various systems also have to respond, forming a "state model", "the most beautiful police", "safety star" and 11 "sub brand".

In addition, the enthusiasm of model group has led the public to participate in the capital construction. Pan Ruifeng, Yin Jinfeng, Liang Ping and a number of models under the leadership of everyone involved in the public civilization action to become a city of fashion, promote the city civilized degree promotion.

The municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Du Feijin said, "Beijing model" theme activities has become an important carrier of the brand and cultivate and practice the socialist core value concept of the capital region. The "Beijing model" group is composed "precious spiritual wealth for the formation of China dream Beijing chapter", they have a love of country, love the capital's feelings, "struggle for beauty" for quality and the construction of the capital mission play, is a good representative of the capital of the public, in all aspects of the capital city development planning, construction and management the play the exemplary role model.

Du Feijin requirements, to dig the "Beijing model" outstanding group spirit connotation and value of the times, strengthen the model group advanced achievement promotion, promote the learning example I action "activities, continue to put into practice the example of the power of the general public groups, to care for the" Beijing model "groups, condensing power capital construction of a new era and promote the construction of the social morality and the best city".

To the example of striving for "Beijing model"

People from Chaoyang District representative Bai Taihua said, as a citizen of Beijing, he is particularly proud of, but also feel a lot have not done enough, also need to learn from the "Beijing model". He said, "Beijing model", learning is to learn from their love of country, love Beijing feelings, is to learn from their filial love the old pro, honesty and trustworthiness, learning their manners, etiquette knowledge, orderly, and make Beijing more beautiful. "Beijing is about to usher in the Winter Olympics, as citizens, should use the actual words and deeds to create a warm peaceful, civilized and orderly social atmosphere, show the image of the capital country." He appealed to the public to emulate the "Beijing model", "Beijing all vying for example".

It is understood that this year's "Beijing model" theme activities has entered the closing stages. Since November 12th, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the capital of civilization will be called on all cadres and the masses through various forms of action, for example "example deeds, praise".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Qipeng

Editor: tf008

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