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Beijing's new social security card replacement and two channels for mobile phone WeChat APP public number can be

2018-11-09 14:27 beijing evening news TF017

Beijing City Social Security Center issued a notice yesterday, based in the city to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban workers and rural residents in the original social security card service outlets for business, but also through the social security online services platform, mobile phone APP and WeChat public number replacement and two to apply for social security card.

Data figure Zhang Di drawing

New channels: one is Beijing social insurance online service platform; the two is "Beijing 12333" APP, WeChat No. three is the public; Beijing social security APP, WeChat public no..

Date: 5 per month (in case of special needs will be postponed to the end of the month advance notice), every day 6 to 22.

Go through the way: by phone APP and WeChat, for the public, the insured shall use the Beijing social insurance online services platform login username and password, not registered in the registration page for personnel need to improve data.

For a new card: voluntary choice to the social security card or delivered by courier service outlets.

Medical reimbursement: in the replacement card or two for the period, the insured medical treatment, issued by the "new and complementary [] for social security card card". The card that can download and print online, you can also query the preservation of electronic version; in the use of the card that marked the deadline, insured by the designated medical institutions to my selected medical treatment, medical expenses incurred by manual reimbursement process.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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