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Audi car to the north of Beijing City area outside the rail freight train forced to stop half an hour

2018-11-09 13:28 beijing evening news TF011

Haidian evergreen North Bridge City in front of the District, is a railway crossing. 7 pm, a private car owners will be parked in the area outside the track, leading to a freight train parking for half an hour. The reporter found that there are a number of parking lot surrounding the incident, but many owners in order to save son, parked the car in the next track.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the scene. The tracks from the cell door is about ten meters away, pedestrians and vehicles to travel on the tracks from import. A security guard is responsible for maintaining order in the railway crossing, the two in the afternoon, a black Audi car parked on the tracks, leading to a freight train "was forced to stop". After about half an hour or so, the owner before the car drove away. The reporter saw, this line looks very old, there is no crossing signal lamp, fences and other facilities, the surrounding masses, the track was still in use, the day after the train about ten times or so, all for the tanker, the speed is not fast. Because the train interval is longer, some owners of the car to the railway crossing nearby, forming a small parking lot "". It is understood that is crossing the south side of Haidian District talent development center, a lot of illegal parking are here on business. The security officer told reporters, his duty is to keep the crossing in order to prevent people from the car parked on the tracks.

In the reporter and the sheriff chat in the process, there are a number of attempts to owners will be parked here, but have been advised to leave the security guard. The owners have a incredible expression: "here is a train?" The reporter saw, crossing near no no parking signs, just have a rusty iron plate in the northeast side of the junction, put up a "stop". But because of too little, this brand did not play its due effect prompt.

The owner said, near the parking, so they will be parked in the cell door, do it. However, the reporter found that, within the District, talent center outside the east gate have parking lot, there is no parking problem.

In addition, the traffic safety awareness of the public is also worrying. Reporters saw some children walking on the tracks, and the child's grandfather behind. The reporter reminded them here by train, don't stay on the track, but the old man: "I know not to regard it as right."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Qipeng text and photo

Editor: tf011

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