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Beijing old two principal stocks lost 270 thousand party company in court to say that

2018-11-09 13:05 beijing evening news TF011

More than 60 year old Zhang couples pension money entrusted investment company stocks, but lost 276 thousand of the principal. So the two old people to court for the investment company management fees, refund in accordance with the agreement to complete loss, and payment of interest. This morning, the case in the Chaoyang court. On the court, the defendant's agent has admitted, according to the company's business scope the defendant does not have the ability to Valet financial management, so the agreement is invalid. But the defendant agreed to refund the management fee, and bear the loss of the principal 80%. The case is not in court for sentencing morning.

Mr. Zhang and his wife personally attended the hearing. According to the old two, in early 2016, the defendant Beijing Bao Rong Fengtai investment company calls agent stock operation, internal information security, Paul win money, stocks have doubled, can get premium income.

The two old people for gospel truth with the company in March 23, 2016, he signed the "VIP project financial management agreement", agreed by the company operating couple's stock account. The old couple in the stock account invested 149 million, 36 million and pay management fees, a total investment of 185 million yuan.

The defendant claimed that the general manager 3 months of the whole cost, and achieve profit dividends, but in fact the account funds in continuous depreciation. We watched the pension money a little less, we did not dare to terminate the contract, can not afford the default loss."

Mr. Zhang said the couple, they struggled, until March 22nd this year agreement expires, at this time, remove the paid management fees, stock account only remaining amount more than 121 yuan, a loss of 276 thousand.

Two old said, according to the agreement, such as due to losses, the defendant company should make up their total investment of 1 million 850 thousand yuan. Afterwards, they repeatedly asked the company compensation for investment losses, but no fruit.

To this end, Zhang couples the investment company to court, asking the company to refund the 360 thousand management fee; compensation for investment losses more than 27 yuan, plus the stock account of the fruits of the total is 290 thousand; and pay interest on the loss of 185 thousand yuan.

In the trial, the old two refund of 360 thousand management fee requirements, the agent of the defendant agreed. In addition, 270 thousand are willing to bear the loss of the principal 80%.

After the agent of the rhetoric is make observers feel surprised. The agent said, the company's business scope through the announcement information inquiry, the defendant does not have the ability to Valet financial management, so the two sides signed the agreement is invalid agreement, the agreement of the fair principle of minimum guarantee clause is in violation of the relevant provisions of the law. "The signing of the agreement on both sides of fault." The agency says.

As for the 185 thousand loss of interest, the agent said, the agreement only promised guaranteed, there is no agreement between the loss of interest, so do not agree to compensation. The court has not yet made a decision.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Lei

Editor: tf011

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