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Shenyang Railway Bureau: within half a year of serious dishonesty up 100, more than half in the car smoking

2018-11-09 11:51 The Xinhua News Agency TF010

Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, November 9, reporters from the Shenyang Railway Bureau Chinese Group Limited was informed that since May 1, 2018 the implementation of "restrictions on the field of railway passenger transport seriously dishonest people buy tickets management measures", Shenyang bureau group company internal train there were 91 cases of dishonesty, a total of 100 passengers were included in the railway of serious dishonesty the list of people, which over half of EMU train smokers.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency

Shenyang bureau group company released data show that in the 100 railway serious dishonest people, smoking in the EMU train with 52 people. According to reports, compared with normal speed trains, speed EMU trains faster, and fully enclosed compartment, the car is very sensitive to the smoke and fire equipment. In order to prevent the fire hazard and fire, the more than a fault sensor and a smoke alarm installation of the EMU, even if the passenger connections or Restroom smoking in the car, will be the default for smoke fire hazards and alarm equipment. After the alarm, EMU trains will immediately run slow or even stop. Therefore, in the EMU train smoking will not only disrupt the railway transport order, the impact of traffic safety, but also delay the other passenger travel time.

At the same time, for holding forged documents, booking travel to carry dangerous goods in such situation, the railway sector will be based on the relevant provisions to be included in the list of serious dishonesty, 180 days limit to buy tickets at the same time the railway public security organs will be based on the "People's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" to give the corresponding punishment.

The railway departments to remind passengers traveling by train must abide by the railway transportation safety laws and regulations, and consciously safeguard the public security and order, especially in the car anywhere smoking EMU train ride, work together to create a safe and orderly, Wen Mingxiang and travel environment.



Source: Xinhua News Agency

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