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The 11.11 big promotion on the evening of 10 8 sale ace explosion on no routine berserk mode

2018-11-09 14:06 network Wen Wen

In late November 10th 8, 11.11 station full sale, select the 6000+ brand, ad hoc more than 5000 selling single product reputation ace special explosion models, more low to ninety percent off, big gift, 99 yuan cap, sixty percent off cap and other special features. The routine, open the consumer shopping spree, no longer do the math "".

In the upgrading of consumption and rational consumption under the background of's strategic focus good, with "good end" naked price support full matrix sale of products, to meet consumer "rigid demand for goods is not expensive, release the sale value.

Correspondingly, the 11.11 exhibit multiple levels of change, is a "not the same as 11.11". In the play, the big Pro flagship free routine, commodity monovalent end, not single, price reduction, together with. In the rhythm, the 11.11 Duanpingkuai line, 1 days ahead of time, just 62 hours of concentrated outbreak; in the area of logistics and supply chain, pintalent express to achieve large-scale unmanned supply chain, artificial intelligence technology, data mining for ten years, to achieve "no order, goods in transit".

5000+ reputation of a single product to create ace special explosion models star to play Call

20:00 on November 10th, APP, and WeChat PC page "wallet" entrance channels will also open 11.11 to promote the sale of entrance. The 6000+ brand appeared together, domestic and foreign big shine, full price, no direct routine. use big data screening, selection of 5000+ hot word list, making trump card special explosion models, as low as 39 yuan parity good goods, also have apple iPhone XS, Dyson BEATS, Dyson vacuum cleaner, FOREO headset cleansing instrument, Lancome black bottle and other high-end goods tide.

In addition, ad hoc "to fold", "big drop" and "big gift", "99 yuan cap", "4% cap" and other special features, including "big gift" including Zhou Dafu, PHILPS, Estee Lauder, CLARINS and other well-known brands, have to buy gifts gifts.

This year, the 11.11, many stars to help out. In late November 9th 8 to 12 days, search for "PAPI sauce" in APP, double 11 shopping battlefield can enter the PAPI sauce, and sauce to choose to buy papi.

Caption: Star dancer Hu Haoliang, skating champion Zhang Dan, water brother Wang Yuheng in the video sharing shopping experience.

Star dancer Hu Haoliang, skating champion Zhang Dan, water brother Wang Yuheng and other old users in a video sharing and pick mobile shopping experience. Hu Haoliang Puma sweater, FILA jacket, Adidas jacket Qi body, experience is "brand, pick cheap"; Zhang Yan Dansu good skin plus many, daily necessities "stockpile will live", "see a price would all buy out"; "water brother about a set of appliances" principle, the ultimate the shopping experience is "cheap".

The supply chain of AI data mining for 10 years, Fu Genius, goods field

The 11.11 is good, how to choose it? AI technology and big data technology to help users to select good goods.

In the 2018 11.11 on the eve of the wisdom of logistics in order to "good" as the center, the application of artificial intelligence technology and logistics supply chain, big data mining 10 years of sedimentation, Fu people, goods, field. From the demand forecast to automatic stocking, from the wisdom of allocation to optimize delivery, improve the overall efficiency of the logistics supply chain, enhance the user experience. according to the member behavior prediction, pre allocation of goods to the warehouse to achieve "pre, no order, goods are in transit; according to the prediction of commodity sales, purchasing automatic warehouse delivery and implementation of" Haohuo explosive materials, have been in the library "; according to the order flow prediction, dynamic scheduling and artificial warehouse automation equipment, implementation" the task is not to place human".

Another 11.11 big promotion play an important role in the high-tech Noah cloud platform. to improve human efficiency and machine efficiency as the goal, to the existing infrastructure data center as the background, the establishment of a unique Noah private cloud platform, supporting all the core domain of the purchase process, such as the purchase line, under the single payment line.

In order to ensure the 11.11 during the pro user experience, business application needs to support peak flow usually 20 ~ 30 times, the cloud platform not only need to provide high performance and low latency operation environment, but also need to support automatic second expansion, improve inter application isolation and security, in order to improve the efficiency of the machine, deal with bursty traffic, 3 million users meet the high concurrency during 11.11 demand.

Pintalent express build Southern China Airlines Center Customer service support team set up pintalent express actively preparing for the 11.11 big promotion, upgrading the logistics center automation equipment, to achieve large-scale unmanned operation; build Southern China aviation center, to enhance the speed of order picking out packing to ensure delivery to customers; 100%.

Recently, Southwest Logistics Center built automatic cargo caching system the world's largest hive, logistics center in North China successfully on-line automatic collection system of the entire set of goods cache robot link to realize unmanned operation, enhance the efficiency of large-scale collection of goods. 11.11 on the eve of the big promotion, pintalent FedEx in Huadu District of Guangzhou built in aviation field, an area of about 2500 square meters, covering the port volume of the region in Southern China, Southern China's main airport regional radiation capacity. This year is expected to double "11" field distribution of goods package booking volume will increase by a large margin, goods distribution package booking volume of up to hundreds of tons per day; cargo handling throughput will exceed more than half of the original throughput, daily throughput can be up to nearly 150 tons.

In addition, both the city center or the remote Township, in the 11.11 big promotion period, pintalent express courier must request 100% to deliver the goods to the customer does not charge any additional fees, to ensure the customer shopping experience.

At the same time, customer service center also ready to promote the deployment of work. During the great promote customer service, customer service to adjust the duty shift, the establishment of more than 300 background support specialist teams, to ensure that in the peak of the business connection rate and guarantee the customer shopping experience.

11 10 April evening 8, the 11.11 station full sale, select the 6000+ brand, ACE explosion models, to fold, big gift, 99 yuan cap, four fold cap and other special features, meet the needs of all. The routine, open the cool purchase carnival.

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