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A lot of shopping together more lively social integration of double 11 fight hand speed to the "copycat goods"

2018-11-09 11:18 beijing evening news TF019

"Double 11" shopping Carnival Festival is approaching, consumers are eager for a fight, ready to buy buy buy, crossed a shopping list to save a lot of time. However, in addition to enjoy "seckill", "the second grab" brings excitement, "double 11" this year was a new play - Spell group purchase". Consumers can share a good thing "to personal social circles, invite friends and family to buy in the" shopping "offered, at the same time, enjoy the lively and fun social shopping brings.

Beware of copycat". Li Jia mapping

Recently a topic to fight a lot, in the "double 11" launched the "11.11 agricultural goods will buy list". Laoyeling northeast pearlmillet, Dalian, the East China Sea Wild prawn crisp dry little yellow croaker, Sichuan yellow heart kiwi, Hainan eye pineapple, passion fruit, Guangxi Henan Zhongmu, Lvliang old walnut, garlic Hebei Fuping fungus...... These are selected from massive agricultural goods in the country of origin of agricultural products, has become a second tier city consumers purchase the explosion". Interested consumers can store some local flavor, watch as the recent hit "flavor of the world" documentary "carry hungry anti chanshen".

In addition to the origin of agricultural products, a lot of fight will be in the "double 11" during the launch of 50000 yuan shipping 9.9 20 only raised soil egg to help farmers Huimin, every day 0 open grab. From Hubei Yicheng a village of professional farmers Qiu Hongmei told me that the farmers are basically near native egg collecting light, most of their soil egg also sold to businesses.

In addition, a 11 day spell home court will continue until November 16th, among them, 1 yuan seckill activities from 6 in the morning every day, every 1 yuan of goods such as men's sweater seckill, bed, folding table, universal wheel trolley case, consumers can get up and open your eyes will see if there is interest of goods.

If the hand speed fast enough to grab 1 yuan seckill goods also Never mind, there are a lot of spell no threshold and big ticket coupon platform two ways. From now to the end of the double eleven campaign, every 6 points to 23 points, but panic buying general audience tickets, full of 100 yuan 50 yuan and over 50 yuan by 20 yuan. It is worth mentioning that, every morning and evening at 9 21, a spell will launch 88 envelopes, directly offset the amount of shopping. In addition, the full 99 yuan minus 18 yuan, over 299 yuan by 60 yuan and other big securities can also buy big venue and discount channels of goods, can get a day.

This year's "fight to purchase" mode has also spread to other business platform. In the "double 11", NetEase under the NetEase strict election flag together ", also launched a series of activities. In addition, a veteran business platform Suning also launched the "fight to purchase" mode. However, compared to other "fight to purchase" platform, Suning to make a distinction between the fight to purchase more fine step, such as the "new new", need to open group tour is a new user, "open group", is the only new users open group, new and old users can be offered. "S new" is the old and new users can initiate open group, only offered new users.

GO tips:

Note that, despite the "fight to purchase" more than "seckill" interaction brings joy, the price is also more attractive, but consumers in the fight to purchase when shopping platform, still need to try to choose the big natural products or agricultural products, to avoid buying copycat goods, counterfeit goods. Finally, I wish you happy to have a temperature, down to earth "double 11" shopping carnival.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu

Editor: TF019

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