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Wonderful flower! The woman owed 2 million 900 thousand family acting "deadbeat feign death burial was prosecuted

2018-11-09 10:51 Xiaoxiang Evening News TF010

A woman surnamed Deng in her grandmother's house after the sealed coffin buried hill...... However, the police found, but this is Deng Jiao (a pseudonym) to repudiate the debt made in suspended animation. Recently, the Yongzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate indictment Lengshuitan public, Deng Jiao and her boyfriend suspected of fraud, the parents suspected of harboring crime, friends suspected of harboring were prosecuted. It is reported that the case is currently in the trial of the second instance.

In May 20, 2017, Lengshuitan Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received the alarm call claiming pingmou et al, decoration company manager Deng Jiao to their loan of nearly one million yuan after the "river Dutch act". The police soon found Deng Jiao in "buried" in the days after her, a matchmaking website account login and browse records. Originally, Deng Jiao because of poor business management and gambling, owed a lot of debt, so that he was the business manager of a decoration company, to defraud others 2942302 yuan, and to "death" to creditors.

In May 18th the results of a discussion between mother and daughter, mother, Kwak said Deng Jiao jumped into the river Dutch act. After the Deng Jiao levanter feign death Kwak told her husband Deng, Deng agreed. Then, two people bought a coffin, with stones, clothes and cotton, shipped back home for burial.

5 20 April, Deng Jiao linked to a friend, a knowing that Deng Jiao suspected of fraud, in order to have sex with Deng Jiao, help her hide. Deng Jiao in a lover not only help hide, hiding money easily.

6 month 2017 years 14 days, Deng Jiao, in a certain way, Guo Mou was arrested. On the same day, Deng Jiao's father to surrender to the public security organs.



Source: Xiaoxiang Evening News

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