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Manicure shop prepaid members receive a "free" service: disguised marketing bundling trap

2018-11-09 11:38 beijing evening news TF019

In November, a lot of offline shops also began under the banner of "double 11" banner to carry out their own promotional activities, Miss Yang found that some beauty Manicure shop, have increased the membership card and discount "gifts" efforts, this seemingly do card can get some more than usual benefits, but really pay for later, only to find a set of children into new businesses under the "".

Free items to catch a consumer trap. Wang Chenyu mapping

Last week, Miss Yang do Manicure in the vicinity of the unit Manicure a chain store after the checkout clerk enthusiastically to sell her said: "we engage in" double 11 "activities, if you spend 1000 yuan to do membership cards during the event, after Manicure products can play Qizhe, and send the value of 500 yuan in hands or face nurse, can do twice free hands or senior fifth fundamentals support. But, do beauty and other items in the shop, can not use the membership card fee." Miss Yang think anyway always come to the store to do Manicure, it is better to take advantage of activities do membership card, you can also experience the free items more than usual, very appropriate, and then pay card. Originally the day want to experience a free hand care shop senior, results are very busy, no staff are free, so about two days later.

Two or three days later, Miss Yang came to the store that Manicure, spent 1000 yuan to become a member will get a warm reception, the shop staff that Miss Yang just to do free items, coldly said, free hand care products third gear, 268 yuan, 398 yuan and 488 yuan, do card gift card worth 500 yuan, which has a "balance" and "balance" is certainly not a refund, but choose the cheapest stalls, 500 yuan card are not enough to do two times, to make up the difference. "It can be said two free hand guard senior specific operation may not be so good, it is not, regardless of which files do have additional products, spent 50 yuan of manual operation fee, the money does not need another diplomacy, from 1000 yuan card deducted." Miss Yang reluctantly said: "when the store has a staff casually recommended I said, you have to send the hands feel inappropriate, based on plane guard free value 100 yuan a bar, you can do 5 times, is that every time you have to pay a fee of 168 yuan manual operation."

"I was almost not by gas joy, this is their free delivery? This is a disguised form of selling bundled consumption? Originally a simple thought is "double 11" promotion can get some benefits, so many complex results' set 'in the back waiting for me." Miss Yang said. Finally, she chose the "gift items" is hand 488 yuan that file, and spent 50 yuan fee manual. "This is what I can think of the most appropriate solution, do not spend a penny then you don't want to. The hand guard has done very simple, the whole is 20 minutes."

GO tips:

See business discount and card gift activities, make sure you're not too shy or too careless, specific additional terms and specific content of ask for gift or discount, the best written clear terms and the two sides signed or sealed.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Meng Huan

Editor: TF019


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