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Beijing Chaoyang joy to encourage consumers to "copy number" supermarket chain can "pull out the wool"

2018-11-09 11:18 beijing evening news TF019

Who lives in the area of the small green willow said, Chaoyang joy as fans, she is very concerned about this year's Double Tenth a Chaoyang joy, because the annual double eleven shopping malls are quite special, but the effect is very obvious, can increase sales of around 30%.

Good goods store. Wu Wei mapping

Large shopping malls to encourage "copy"

The first copy number and the "family" online shopping mall copy is often very cautious crowd, many businesses complain about the behavior of a serious impact on sales, led to its becoming the network shopping room. However, the reverse attack in 2013, Chaoyang joy, take no cover, do not avoid "attitude hit" copy number open and aboveboard "slogan, on all businesses public goods item, to encourage consumers to experience goods, copy number.

So, this year a ten Chaoyang joy what activities? Fan Xiao Liu will inquire into, will be under the "red rain": 11 10 and 11 app days, the user opens the mouth in Chaoyang joy inside, can be 11:11 in the morning and afternoon 17:11 started two rounds of red rain receive word of mouth red, red the minimum amount of 1.11 yuan, up 1111 yuan, a limited number of red envelopes that is, after receiving a check. The general store opened mouth payment, each only receive one during the event.

Beijing City department store this year also launched a double eleven campaign, which makes a lot of people it is a surprise, but the mall activities began in November 9th. Heard that the activities are favorable, many people have to "panic buying" eager for a fight, because it saves money. Estee Lauder will pay even straight goods all know good with a small brown bottle of Eye Cream 15ml, but the absolute star products, daily counter price 510 yuan a bottle, 11.9 day of the second half price, that is 765 yuan a pair, and brush ICBC credit card full 288 minus 100. Come to talk about recent super fire cosmic beauty artifact - the new Lancome Lancome holding Makeup Foundation Stick, but also 11 9 April day 2 half price. Of course, 11 month 11 day have a customer focus sweep code stores WeChat service number, registered as a member of electronic, you can get a random amount of WeChat Red 1, maximum 11.11 yuan cash bonus awards.

The supermarket chain can "pull out the wool"

In addition to "cut the hand at home, can also go around. This year, nearly 600 new retail stores and supermarkets across the board will be transformed to join Tmall double 11 carnival, including more than 470 of fresh by scouring the transformation of the chain business, covering 165 city.

Amoy fresh as introduced, including 13 retail chain brand RT mart, Auchan, Xinhua, Sanjiang shopping, supermarket, Wang Wang, Xing Li supermarket, nearly 500 stores will complete the new retail transformation in the double 11. Online, these new retail stores will continue to double 11 most classic "half off" gameplay, selection of high-quality goods online, half off limited seckill; part of the super will become "double 11 theme shop". In the case of horses, RT mart, Auchan, Xinhua and Sanjiang supermarkets or shopping card, can accumulate energy for Tmall double red 11.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jianyin Chengyue

Editor: TF019

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