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11 Chongwenmen New World Department Store 60 hours without closing the most popular Xidan Han cosmetics

2018-11-09 10:47 beijing evening news TF019

Imperceptibly, "double 11" has ushered in the tenth year, the online discount carnival, the line is also wonderful. This year, new world department stores in Chongwen, Beijing, too Jun Han Kuang department store store to grab the "double 11" before carrying out promotional activities in advance, I compiled some shopping Raiders, for everyone to share.

The store also has double 11. Feng Chenqing mapping

This is the new world department store opened in Chongwen for twentieth years, every year in November is the most consumer as cheerful as a lark "60 hours non-stop" activities, many workers also deliberately leave to come to the shopping spree. I heard this year, new world department store in Chongwen's 20th anniversary anniversary in from November 9th to 11th, a variety of new ways so that consumers can play 60 hours, every time there are surprises.

Will be "open grab activity first sent concessions, there will be 1000+ quilt full capacity to send this year, gold jewelry and cosmetics activity looked very awesome, King's jewelry gold jewelry, cosmetics over 1000 grams minus 80 to send 300. Into the afternoon, clothing will launch a full 3888 to send 1900 vouchers, evening when upgraded to overweight send 3000 tickets. Spending 988 yuan can participate in sweepstakes, lottery period during the event at 20:00 every day to 02:00 the next day, the prize is a single product red net Dyson hair dryer and iPhone-XR. The night time, the best to the motion area around, Adidas, Nike will be opening in 50 percent off. According to the experience of previous years, you'd better go ahead of the queue.

It is worth mentioning that this store made "in the South Hall B1 layer on the ice rink outlet sale, many brands gathered in the ice at a discount. The outdoor plaza will show "good fun Jingdong now" flash store, and cool dance, surprise draw, collocation photographs and other activities in wind tunnel. Of course, in addition to meet the anniversary of "cut the hand of the heart, but also to meet the" chowhound "stomach, during the anniversary mall 30 theme restaurants will launch a limited 50 percent off or 100 coupons and discount.

Let's look at the Han Department stores, shopping in Xidan as the first stop, Han has been unabated popularity. This year, the mall built a lovely LINE FRIENDS popular cottage in the two layer at the entrance and Laneige cooperation, Meng rabbit, bear, people can not help but want to close, make a girl all have posed to punch. Into the mall, placed at the entrance of eye-catching discount signs, what brand are marked on the floor which how much discount clearly suggest that consumers can find what you want, in order to save shopping time. When I went to the last week, the most crowded is the cosmetics lipstick color test area, preferably their own good wet wipes and other small items. This year, there are several shopping malls to open a new French perfume and cosmetics counters, not many people can stroll. Specific brand information may be concerned about the number of public access to shopping malls.

Beijing Jun too "too polite" activities are also early in November 1st started, will continue until November 18th, apparel goods over 1000 to send 100, send over 3000 or 300; jewelry watches over 10000 to send 300. But in order to prevent love clothes or not the best breakfast.

GO tips

At the same time shopping Carnival should also see the rules, rational consumption. For example, the vouchers will be marked using the time limit, a portion of the goods in the shopping section during a sold rebate does not change, so as to check the good start again at the time of purchase. During the event, the mall traffic surge, the cashier will often row brigade, there will be cash in the mall walk, be sure to arrange shopping time, avoid unnecessary losses. The shopping mall, new world department store this year increased the "fast checkout", can also be part of the counter cashier, in order to increase the payment point. Can also do not want to carry a lot of shopping bags to choose the Jingdong or EMS express mail home.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF019


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