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Handmade crafts enjoy tasting dishes...... The folk style garden to wait for you to come

2018-11-09 10:09 The Municipal Tourism Commission TF010

Folk style garden strong national characteristics, but the hospitality of the local customs and practices, friends will greet you with the most brilliant smile, entertain you with the most authentic way. The experience of traditional national dress, song and dance performances, food tasting snacks, handmade ethnic handicrafts...... temporal overlap, ethnic culture here glowed.

Doudian Mosque

Doudian mosque was built in Kangxi fifty-two years (1713) spring, is the district level key protect cultural relics, covers an area of 14958 square meters, construction area of 12142 square meters. The new mosque magnificent and spectacular, according to the "back" font layout will be arranged in the central hall, the formation of "Zhongxingpengyue" architectural style, with rich Islamic characteristics. Based on the history of architectural art, Doudian mosque, the cultural relics and religious customs and cultural exchanges in the five part of the introduction, showing the Doudian mosque in a long history and splendid culture and historical changes.

Address: Beijing city Fangshan District Dashiwo town

Telephone: 010-64001476

Sagina style of Mongolia ecological tourism park

Sagina Mongolia garden is set catering, accommodation, entertainment, shopping, leisure, picking as one of the folk tribes, the most suitable for large groups, celebration party, treat friends and family reunion and other collective activities. Here is the original Mongolia white package group, you can taste tempting prairie milk food, fried rice, tea, Roasted Whole Lamb, meat hand, sweet mellow horse milk wine, accompanied by fiddle playing prairie songs, the singer with white hada offered heartfelt toast song, let the guests happy life forever.

Address: Beijing city Tongzhou District Lu town Gan Tang Cun

Telephone: 010-61529496

Pakistan garden Manchu Folk Culture Village

Pakistan garden village is located in the central North Zang Town, the villagers were surnamed Pakistan, Manchu Xianghuangqi offspring. At the end of the Qing Dynasty Manchu people Baxing Pakistan garden garden, dedicated to the emperor of the imperial house a good supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the record of the pedigree of PAP cases, the village is in the first year of Shunzhi migrating from Shenyang, Pakistan garden villagers still keep the unique customs of manchu. Pakistan garden Manchu folk culture village was named "one of Beijing's most beautiful village, it is known as the" South Pearl of Manchu culture". The village has 226 meters of cultural corridor, there are 38 Municipal Tourism reception, set picking entertainment, eat rice farmers, live in farm house as a whole.

Address: Beijing city Daxing District Pakistan Garden Village beizangcun town

Tel: 13716310746


Beijing Yi Source Food Co. Ltd. is a combination of high-tech agricultural demonstration, deep processing of agricultural products, leisure tourism, theme shops, factories and ecological sightseeing picking integrated leisure park. Specialty products exhibition hall the vivid display of traditional Korean folk culture, children's Park to provide children entertainment space, the cafe has two floors, can relax.

Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Caiyu Town Zhuang Village North

Tel: 13901325024

A gate of village tourism

A gate village is located in changshaoying Manchu Township, to Zhenglanqi Manchu Culture Village, a total of 112 village of 211 people, the scope of total area of 11.75 square kilometers, 356.8 acres of arable land, many small hill, a beautiful ecological environment. You can taste Manchu cuisine, folk snacks here, set around the local flavor.

Address: Beijing city Huairou District whistle of Manchu Xiang Xiang Zha Zi Cun

Tel: 13911633535

Qidaoliang Village Tourism

Seven beams village tourism reception households 32, daily reception capacity of 300 people. The whole village is full of antique buildings, the house tidy, spacious and clean streets, is a sightseeing tour, participate in folk activities, experience of Manchu culture and ideal place. Seven Liang village is typical of the northern folk and Manchu culture, here can not only experience the new city of rural participation in rural pastoral farming, weather, spring harvest etc. various farming activities can also visit the exhibition hall, the Manchu words Kang, Manchu traditional wedding, be full of passion is full of people enjoy the taste the Manchu traditional delicious "28 seats".

Address: Beijing city Huairou District whistle Township seven village

Tel: 13716128336

Beijing dual poly Resort

Beijing Shuangyuan resort also known as Feng poly courtyard, catering, accommodation, hiking, fishing, boating, meeting and other services for development. Rooms are clean and tidy, spacious and bright, sanitation facilities, thoughtful service, convenient check-in.

Address: Beijing city Huairou district town of Hekou village mouth soup soup South 200 meters

Tel: 13910995059

Elm village

Elm village environment, city of Manchu folk village in Beijing City, the village has 45 households to carry out Folk Tourist business, the existing 115 households, 256 people, 15 thousand acres of mountain area, the forest coverage rate reached 93%. Elm village adjacent to the birch forest scenic area, is an important part of the city of Beijing Labagoumen nature reserve, a Dragon King Temple, fox hole, waterfalls and other attractions for shed.

Address: Yushu village Beijing Labagoumen Manchu Township in the city

Tel: 13683252570

Manxiang Manor

Full membership of Beijing full of nostalgia Xiang manor catering Co. Ltd., located in Beijing Yanqi Town of Huairou district on the North Village, close to the APEC conference venue, Yanqi Fengqing Avenue is the first catering enterprises. Manor manor began in 2009, is the founder of Manchu Zhenglanqi heritage. Park covers an area of 3900 square meters, with 22 rooms, can accommodate 500 people dining at the same time, is a "Manchu" 28 seats, "Huaiyang" and the characteristics of Huairou - the main characteristics of rainbow trout farm.

Address: Beijing city Huairou District Yanqi Town on the village 700 meters south

Tel: 13311199628

Full family resort

Beijing full family resort and convenient transportation, drive from Huairou along highway 111 to the north. The existing villa room 30 more than 24 hours, hot water supply, can accommodate 50 people meeting, accommodation, parking for 20 cars. The villa in a mahjong machine, computer VOD and other entertainment facilities, room facilities clean and tidy. Farm characteristics of pheasant wings, delicacy, gourd bud Muli stew, wild vegetables, Marinated Tofu, fried small river fish etc..

Address: Beijing city Huairou District Gou Xiang sun horn gate Manchu Zha Zi Cun

Telephone: 010-60627795

Mongolia camp

Mongolia camp opened in 2005, here you can taste from Inner Mongolia xilinggoule Roasted Whole Lamb, Roast Lamb Leg, hand grilled meat, stone sauce, mutton dumplings, tea and other characteristics of Mongolia delicacy. In addition, Mongolia KTV and other leisure facilities in the bag, Mongolia bag accommodation 50 people dining at the same time, 20 people dining accommodation in Mongolia.

Address: Badaling Town, Beijing City, shot outside the village of Yanqing District

Tel: 13716331395



Source: Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission

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