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Double peak 11 discount to buy home appliances but beware of some poor quality low-priced offerings for business "

2018-11-09 10:14 beijing evening news TF019

For the autumn decoration people buy appliances is "double 11" shopping list a indispensable. How can the dazzling price to Amoy affordable? I share my double 11 shopping experience.

Mobile phone to buy large appliances. Close the print graphics

A staggering purchase choice

Although the appliance is available throughout the year, but like all commodities, household electrical appliances also have a sales season. To air-conditioning as an example, a year in the summer when the air conditioning is the hottest selling, winter is relatively less. But this time, in order to accelerate inventory digestion, brand manufacturers will be willing to come up with more concessions to join the "double 11" war. This time, a good time to buy an air conditioner is also self,

This year's "double 11", I study a Jingdong, Tmall,, the several major electricity supplier platform appliance channel, air conditioning concessions are many, 50 percent off, full cut, deposit expansion...... Almost all the mainstream air-conditioning brand joined the "double 11" promotional campaign, can be regarded as a good time to buy it.

Two business professionals offerings to identify

Every year the "double 11", the electricity supplier is one of the special offerings trough point by many people complain about, household electrical appliances also have special business offerings. The so-called electricity supplier special offerings, generally speaking, can lower prices and slightly inferior goods for understanding. For example, a three door refrigerator, judging from the appearance of online and offline sales are the same, and the line is also cheaper than the line more than 1000 yuan. The 1000 difference come from? The trick in the material. Perhaps, the electricity supplier in a customized version of the thickness of the foam layer than the normal version to be thin, and the thickness of the thinner, the insulation performance of the refrigerator is very different, will affect the refrigeration, energy consumption and other aspects of performance. Such a comprehensive one, originally designed is cheap offerings is not worthwhile.

So, when buying appliances online, to better than three, the price was very low, the so-called "explosion" is not to ask for the electricity supplier.

Three sea Amoy pay attention to small details

With the China Online Shopping Festival growing momentum, foreign electricity supplier website now have also joined the "double 11" camp, a lot of people are like me, always love to go abroad website Amoy Amoy affordable. Just across the sea to buy household appliances when some small details can get attention: the first is the voltage, 110V voltage ocean appliance does not match the domestic standard 220V voltage, the need for the purchase of many products only use collocation transformer; local language instruction, make sure to understand instructions before buying; although some appliances brand global warranty however, no corresponding part of purchasing brand maintenance in China, even if it can repair, often have to pay high postage and long time waiting. These should be taken into account.

GO tips:

In addition to buy home appliances, electrical installation itself is actually a link can not be ignored, from the delivery, to the number of workers and drilling materials, every place has become a business may increase reason. So, in the process of price please remember, in contrast to the price of the product itself, can also compare the installation process and customer service charges, there is no express charges proposal after consultation with clear orders, otherwise, it may seem you saved 200 yuan, it becomes a separate installation fee payment line the.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF019

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