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The "new the Imperial Palace" tonight, Ada Choi Deng Lun launched Qianlong secret search

2018-11-09 09:36 beijing evening news TF011

Tonight, a large cultural show broadcast season "new the Imperial Palace" will be launched in Beijing tv. The first phase of the program, Deng Lun, Yiwei Zhou and Ada Choi were exploring the Qianlong garden in the Imperial Palace Institute of film and Television Institute, under the leadership of Zhu Yong, seeking not open to the public "Juanqin studio" story.

"This is Juanqin fasting, Qianlong's ultimate secret, just behind the door." The area is not open as the Imperial Palace's first variety show, the Qianlong garden that is not familiar Juanqin fast exactly how many hidden mystery? Tonight's program, Deng Lun, Yiwei Zhou divided into cultural and creative new clues. In addition, the actor as the first flight participants to join, and Deng Lun, Yiwei Zhou two "the Imperial Palace cultural and creative development of new products" jointly opened the the Imperial Palace tour. In the TV drama, Ada Choi plays the queen ural Nala gave us a deep impression. The "Lady" to return to the palace new developer partner Deng Lun, two people wearing a frock handheld flashlight exploration area is not open, do not know the identity and the change will be the collision of what story.

"The Forbidden City" is a new Palace Museum and Beijing Television produced, plans for season 3. The Imperial Palace Institute of film and Television Institute Zhu Yong also served as the "new the Imperial Palace" the screenwriter, he said: "this is the first time in the history of the Imperial Palace productions. From the "new the Imperial Palace", in a sense means the promotion of the Imperial Palace has entered a new stage, more fully open to the public, and the public exchange."

The "new the Imperial Palace" is the first tranche of the Imperial Palace maximum open resources to assist in the filming of cultural variety, the program group attaches great importance to the protection of cultural relics and awe, the show only under limited conditions and promise to take up the most beautiful picture. This requires Chupin and producers coordinate with dozens of departments, a scene shot may need up to two months for communication. As for the Imperial Palace's love and awe, the program group from the content of history to guess, clothing was with rigorous attitude eleven research.



Source: Beijing evening news Qiu Wei

Editor: tf011

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