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The latest Beijing weather forecast: Today six or seven gust tomorrow night mountain down to -5 DEG C

2018-11-09 08:11 beijing morning post TF003

(reporter Wang Hailiang) blue gale warning signal has been released. The north wind will blow the remaining capital in the early winter run picture of the last point of gold and red, tell you that autumn is gone, don't miss. Winter has magnificent scenery, such as snow, snow, red glazed world. Although the reason tells us that Beijing snow is too difficult, the winter snow, don't expect too early, or may be due to wait too long and disappointed.


Today, Beijing will scrape 4 around northerly winds, gusts of up to 6-7, short-term gusts seventy-eight mountain, especially the mountain west wind "wild". The wind must be accompanied by sunshine, in the sun power, today the temperature was not low, the highest temperature is 15 DEG C, but the cold effect is very obvious, friends travel please pay attention to wear warm.

Today night while the low temperature and barely 1 DEG C, the temperature tomorrow night only 0 degrees, mountainous areas will be as low as -5 DEG to -2 DEG, is very cold sight. The sun is very stingy, tomorrow it will be cloudy, the highest temperature to 11 degrees centigrade. As for cooling the next wave of menacing, until next Friday, the highest temperature during the day will be below 10 DEG C, into a single digit, since a new low this winter.

There is a strong wind today, a rare blow out a clear blue sky, the big red spots have been in ornamental stage, we can catch a tour of the red tail. Beijing city meteorological experts said today, the north wind blowing, is very likely to blow the light and red leaves of Ginkgo biloba, the autumn is visually completely gone, leaving only the bare branches to us.

(original title: north wind sent the cold withered leaves)

Source: Beijing Morning News

Editor: TF003

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