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Beijing vice center 10 building workers housing turnover of about 1700 suites can end cap bag check

2018-11-09 13:41 beijing evening news TF008

To work in Beijing city deputy center of the grass-roots civil servants living workers housing turnover and usher in a new message. Reporters from the construction of six Beijing construction engineering construction group was informed by the construction of the Beijing city center staff turnover house (North) the 10 building workers housing turnover will achieve the main structure of the cap this month, is expected next year delivery.

14, the housing turnover of about 1700 Suites

Planning shows that Beijing city center is located in Tongzhou District district staff turnover housing Lucheng Town, east of South Song Liang Lu, Yudai River Street, on the west side of the North Hu Tong Tong Road, main street, a total construction area of about 975 thousand square meters, the city is responsible for low-income housing construction investment center is divided into four sections, including 12 plots in total, 58 residential buildings, can provide about 8000 residential units, and supporting the construction of public service facilities, including kindergarten, primary school, parking spaces, commercial facilities and centralized energy station.

Yesterday, the reporter saw at the construction site, in September this year the first batch of cap several building staff turnover house are decoration, facade with brown and gray tones of the show is the traditional style of Beijing, by the Beijing construction engineering construction group six construction of 14 residential buildings is the second batch of housing turnover rapid progress there are 2 buildings, capped the remaining 8 buildings will be before the end of this month completed.

"The 14 residential buildings, is expected to provide small Taoxing about 1700 units, including 35 square meters of the room, 40 square meters and 50 square meters of one bedroom, 70 square meters of the two bedroom apartment layout four." Beijing construction engineering construction group six Deputy City Center staff turnover housing project chief engineer Zhao Chunpeng introduced.

Precast wall "three-in-one"

A minimum of 6 layers, the top 15 floors of 14 residential buildings, looked very ordinary from the outside, but with a lot of new ideas and new technology.

"These prefabricated housing turnover rate is very high, from the external and internal wall, stairs to the balcony, pick plate, floor, all in the end after the construction of factory production directly to the construction site assembly, as I often say," like building blocks to build a house in general. "." Zhao Chunpeng told reporters, especially the exterior, adopted the "anti porcelain" technology, which is the first large-scale use in residential.

What is the "anti porcelain"? Simply said, is a piece of wall tiles will be prefabricated structure, thermal insulation, decoration three steps in one set, after the installation of the exterior structure, has also completed the insulation layer and the facade decoration, save construction period, the construction process is more energy saving and environmental protection.

"A wall member, most have 7.6 tons, in order to ensure the appearance, is not allowed in the wall on the left hole, the installation is very difficult." Zhao Chunpeng introduced, connected by a reinforced sleeve these external porcelain prefabricated components, installation precision control to within 2 mm, therefore, the installation of prefabricated components and general different, in particular the creation of a hoisting observation, by lifting workers with mirrors in lower light component, so that at the height of the lifting workers can accurately find the lifting a hole, "the most difficult time, a group of 6 workers in two days to complete the lifting a wall."

The house of assembly can "taste"

At the construction site, the reporter walked into the decoration model, small but complete, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, each piece is square, and the prefabricated decorative plate and the ground surface by the invisible line.

"The usual home decoration, are made of cement, sand, concrete mixing and assembled, house decoration is usually" on the "flavor of 3 to six months. Use assembly type decoration, waste dust, construction waste and wastewater discharge process does not produce, taste will be greatly reduced." Zhao Chunpeng told reporters, deputy city center staff turnover house, the house is also equipped with fine decoration, delivery, future employee can bag check.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying text and photo

Editor: tf008

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