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The Europa League report: Arsenal 0-0 Portuguese sports Mathieu Welbeck red card back injury

2018-11-09 07:26 Sina TF003

Beijing time on November 9th 04:00 (British local time 8, 20:00), 2018/19 season UEFA Cup fourth match day group E a focus on war in the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal, 0 0 draw with Portugal sports home court, Welbeck and Leigh F Steiner has to leave the injured, Mathieu was sent off before the final game. Arsenal ahead of the 2 round.

Arsenal player Mesut Ozil (left)

Arsenal in the last round of the 1 ball to win the Portuguese sports home court. The previous 5 European home court against Portuguese side in 1991 only to Benfica, then won 4 times. While the Portuguese sports had 11 times at England only 2 wins, respectively, Middlesbrough and Southampton, the remaining 9 games 2 flat 7 negative. Emeri rotation in 9, only mkhitaryan and Haldin continue to start.

The periphery shot wide Jenkinson corner melee. Arsenal seventeenth minutes almost broke, the ancient Qi Tu right pass, before Welbeck close shot on his heels, the ball hit the goalkeeper Ribeiro's deflected goal line before Coates timely rescue. Iwobi pass, Lowe long shots. Bruno - Fernandes pass, Goodyear shot a little higher.

Mkhitaryan right arbitrary ball, Welbeck header wide. Leigh F Steiner right pass, Welbeck 10 yards hit the shot was confiscated. But when he landed a serious ankle injury, the doctor admission after fixed on a stretcher, and then Aubameyang came off the bench. After the game deadlocked, both sides failed to create scoring opportunities.

Second half。 M F Kobita Liang pass, Aubameyang Dianshe small edge of the area wide of the right post. Ramsey pass, Lowe headlamp - the left side of the penalty area. Iwobi pass, Aubameyang restricted the right shot also missed the last corner. Cora Cena F Jenkinson replaced appearance. Ivo than the outer corner melee shot wide. Niles replaced the injured Leigh F Steiner appearance.

Iwobi left the restricted area pass, a small area before mkhitaryan tongshe confiscated. Eighty-seventh minutes, the Portuguese midfielder Mathieu sports return errors, the outside edge of the restricted area uprooting Aubameyang was sent off. Aubameyang 20 yards direct free kick shot up. Stoppage time 5 minutes, the two sides shook hands. Arsenal ahead of the 2 round.

A Senna (4-2-3-1:1-) Cech; Leigh F Steiner (12- 74', 15- Niles), 5- Papa Stathopoulos, 25- 16- Haldin, Zhan Jinsen (60' 31- Cora Cena F); Ramsey 8-, 29- of ancient ENDOR Qi; 7- mkhitaryan, 55- 17- Lowe, iwobi; Welbeck (30'23-, 14- Aubameyang)

(Si Ke)

Source: Sina

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