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The Europa League report: Borisov 0-1 Chelsea Giroux header won the blues

2018-11-09 07:22 Sina TF003

Beijing time at 01:55 on November 9th (Belarus local time 8 days, 20:55) 2018/19 Europa League fourth game group L a focus on war in the arena for Borisov, Chelsea away 1 to 0 victory over Borisov, Giroux header, the door three times rescue. Chelsea 4 matches ahead of the 2 round.

Chelsea coach Surrey Xinhua / EPA

Chelsea on the 3 round 1 win over Borisov, this is the first visit to Belarus. Borisov had 2 times the European war against the Premier League team lose home court. Chelsea rotation in 8, a Zal return to the starting, only Pedro, Barkley and Jorginho continue to play.

Borisov in the home court launched an aggressive offensive, Oscar Jani small area on the left hook shot off the near corner. A Zal pass, Pedro shot from the right side of the penalty area was blocked, Barkley was teammates periphery long-range Giroux block high. Twelfth minutes, Dragan pass, Baja shot at 25 yards in the right column back to regret. Stasevich corner, Dragan in front of a small angle header was saved kopa.

Barkley Giroux sent forward pass, restricted the right shot was denied the bottom line filippenko. The game into a stalemate, the two sides fierce confrontation, but a chance. Giroux pass, Emerson shot wide. Chelsea forty-first minutes almost broke, a Zal corner, Giroux 10 yards before the point shakes Leipzig column, rubbing the ball slightly wide of the far corner.

Chelsea fifty-second minutes to break the deadlock, Emerson cross from the left, Giroux 10 yards before the point at the top left corner. Fifty-eighth minutes, Hleb pass, Dragan 25 yards shot, the ball hit J Goni Vecchi after hitting the left column bounce deflection. After 2 minutes, J Goni Vecchi left the restricted area at the end of the next return, Rios 12 yards shot hit high.

A Zappa Costa pass, Zal left the restricted area shot near the corner was confiscated. After 1 minutes, Barkley shot was saved. O Zal was replaced by William. Pedro corner, Giroux 10 yards header was asked the beam. Another corner, a small area before Giroux header wide. Kovacic replaced chic appearance. Emerson pass, Barkley 30 yards slightly higher.

Pedro left the restricted area shot was blocked, he was later replaced by young audouy. William restricted the right shot by Filipovi denied the bottom line. Giroux corner melee close range header off again. In 93 minutes, Chelsea rescue corner, Volkov closed top half volley, the ball hit the right upright again. The final matches ahead of qualifying Chelsea 4.

Chelsea (4-3-3):1- 21- Costa Kopa; Zappa, 24- Cahill, 27- Christensen, 33- Emerson; 12- chick (64', 17- Kovacic), 5- Jorginho, 8- Barkley; Pedro (11- 85', 20- audouy), 18- 10- (Zal Giroux, O 62', 22- William)

(Si Ke)

Source: Sina

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