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The Europa League report: the Royal Bettis 1-1AC Milan Olympia tied the Rossoneri

2018-11-09 06:54 Sina TF003

Beijing time on 4 November 9th (8 days 21 when Spain local time), fourth round UEFA Cup group phase F group, AC Milan away 1 1 draw with Bettis, still 1 points behind rivals. The second half free kick Suso lucky tied, Musacchio was injured teammate Casey, was stretchered off, Han also considers Oulu back injury. 5 to 1 win over Olympia's home court diddeleng, points tied AC Milan.

Data figure AC Milan players Rome gnoli Xinhua / Reuters

AC Milan game behind Bettis 1. Beeghly ain injury sidelined for 4 months, Gonzalo Higuain, Carle, Bonaventura Dara is also out, Captain Rome gnoli also get holiday for the weekend, with Juventus war. Gattuso carried a large rotation and to play the three defender, Kurt Roney as the center. This season has not yet played Montolivo entered the bench.

After 7 minutes, Ricardo - Rodrigues qia'er horizontalknock, Han Oulu in front of 20 meters volley. Bettis's first shot on the lead, the wave of 10 minutes, Phil left the restricted area pass, Luosaiersuo 8 meters in front of left foot volley into the bottom right corner, 1 than 0.

Joaquin Phil wave back straight, left low pass, Sana Flea A 6 meters in front of the push Shepian far post. Suso closed arc left foot free kick hit the wall. Suso pass qia'er Han Oulu 20 meters in front of the left foot low shot Lopez. Canales cross, Luosaiersuo left edge of the area hushe. He restricted the right pass was the top pad after volley into the middle and top of the high flying Kurt raunet.

The first half both teams have 1 shots, AC Milan ball rate is only 33%. The second half, Suso Milner, Musacchio zhengding. Canales left the restricted area to do Luosaiersuo 18 meters in front of the door right angle shot. Qia'er Han Oulu by Lopez hit a corner on the left and right Suso door 20 meters away from the left foot curveball was flying Lopez out of the far corner.

AC Milan sixty-first minute equaliser! Luosaiersuo clash with Musacchio, was booked, the frontier closed area on the right side corner Suso kick ball, Bakayoko Men not to the top, but the ball bounced directly into the far corner, 1 to 1. This is his first goal of the Europa League, 4 consecutive games in scoring 13 goals this season in 14 games (5 goals and 8 assists).

The ball Casey in the restricted area, Borini on the right side of the door from 11 meters outside the instep low shot Lopez. Abate Salter drop. Musacchio was a teammate Casey strong collision injured, neck fixed stretcher, Rome gnoli bench. The right to cut into the area after Suso, Borini played 9 meters left in front of the fly.

Moron left plug box, Phil wave small angle lob wide of the far post. Luosaiersuo Youlei forward pass, slightly right small corner of the penalty area tuishe Reina was closed out attack! Qia'er Han Oulu suspected foot recurrence, limping was helped off the bench Rudge berthod. The final 1 1 shake hands.

AC Milan (3-4-3): 25- /22- Musacchio Reina (83'Rome gnoli), 17- Zapata, 68- Ricardo and Borini /11- of Rodrigues, 79- Casey, 14- Bakayoko, 10- qia'er Han Oulu (89' Berto Raj) /8- 63- 93- raunet Suso, Kurt, Wrathall (76'Abate).

(Ma Ge)

Source: Sina

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