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Haidian District: Beijing south of the Five Ridges road parking blocked gate for the station

2018-11-09 06:48 Beijing daily TF003

The morning of November 2nd, I went to south of the Five Ridges road. This is an east-west road, about 8 meters wide, on both sides of the road and parked cars, and these vehicles are parked Xiecha, the original 8 meter wide road, squeezed only about two meters. The traffic only in the gap between the car driving carefully.

Mr. Zhang told reporters: "my family lived near the road, almost every day to be parked vehicle occupied. The road is the eastern section of the Haidian District experimental primary school children to school every day we have to pass the road. Many people and cars in the morning and evening peak time, the entire road traffic will be paralyzed, take tens of minutes to drive through." He said, because the two sides of the south of the Five Ridges road has not designated parking spaces, delimit the parking line, causing the vehicle parking. Especially the next day the children go to school, after school hours, the school gate is a mess, often several cars who doesn't let, all crowded together, all could not move. Parents often for parking dispute, some also quarrel, fight, very civilized.

Just send the child to the author Ms. Wang said: "I take the bus to pick up the child. 73 road bus station in front of Ling Nan Lu, often misuse of motor vehicles, did not enter the station, so passengers have to go to the middle of the road to the car, a bit dangerous."

The home of Mr. Ling Road No. 26, also told the author: "roadside import and export of our area are all disorderly parked vehicles, quickly into the parking lot. I hope the traffic control department to Ling Nan Lu research, standardization of roadside parking order, don't let such a mess down this road."

Ge Xin Wen / Map

(original title: Haidian District south of the Five Ridges Road

Parking is blocked for gate station)

Source: Beijing daily

Editor: TF003

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