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"To plan 3 months to complete the 28 bike from Huilongguan to the high end in June next year

2018-11-09 06:33 Beijing daily TF003

Open up the broken road, with the construction of pension reform post, Pratt kindergarten...... "Back to the area" three year plan "has been officially released for nearly 3 months, the reporter yesterday to the" back area "visits to understand, this year to determine the key tasks is speeding up, a number of people's livelihood project effective landing, has let people have tasted the sweetness.

Yesterday, in Changping District Hualong Yuan Nan Li District, workers are installing the electronic meter. Newspaper reporter Rao Qiang photo

Municipal Development and Reform Commission disclosure, "back to the" three year action plan in 2018 a total of 51 projects, the completion of the plan as of now 30 completed 28, plans to start the 21 has started 14, the rest are speeding.

The 28 municipal water district at the end of switch

"Before the wells of water, yellow impurities, and sometimes bad smell." Hualong Yuan Nan Li Building 36 residents Jia Anyun said that the district was built in 1995, he was head of a group of residents in the wells of water, a drink is 23 years. In September this year to start wells cell replacement, now the transformation has been basically completed. From the beginning this Monday, residents of the home is gradually through the water, tap out finally bright and clean municipal tap water.

"Your family through the tap water?" "The same is 5 yuan a ton of water, before and after the transformation of water quality is quite different." This is about 7000 of the old district, residents of this a few days to meet, will invariably talk about the good news on the municipal tap water.

Due to historical reasons, the southern region of Changping District, at present, there are still a large number of wells water district and unit. With the city's underground water level decreased year by year, tap water hardness index increased year by year, plus wells water obsolete equipment, management level is uneven, some residential owned water wells has become increasingly prominent problem.

Cooking, drinking, bathing, all cannot do without tap water. According to the "plan of action. In three years, will focus on the 64 District in the area (units) for replacement of wells. "Wells replacement is the most urgent needs of residents, but also relatively easy to promote, quick." Municipal Development and Reform Commission responsible person, through increased financial support, to speed up project approval, as soon as possible and strive to improve the residents of water conditions.

According to the plan, this year will be on the 16 areas (units) for replacement, and to ensure completion before the end of November. Deputy director of the city tap water group wells replacement office Zhang Haixiang introduction, as of now, has completed the water park, Hua Longyuan Park, North Jiayun 15 district (units) of the wells year replacement, replacement of up to 852 thousand cubic meters of water, closing down the wells 7, benefiting a population of 27 thousand and 700 people. This work is still at speed, originally planned next 12 cell replacement for two years are also included in the plan by the end of this year, ahead of the completion of these cell replacement.

4 transfer fee inclusive kindergarten

Public kindergarten, private kindergarten tuition per month hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even without the approval of the formal garden...... "Back to the area of educational resources shortage, once triggered" difficult children "" school difficult". However, this pile of headache is gradually resolve.

According to the plan, Changping District will have 10 small areas of supporting transfer to kindergarten is through Pratt kindergarten, receiving a number of private kindergartens, its standardization transformation, and Kindergarten Subsidy according to different levels of recognition, thereby reducing the burden on residents.

The relevant person in charge of Changping District, the 10 kindergartens in the new century, receiving the original public kindergarten be South Street Kindergarten Center, at present the basic end of the renovation plan, opened at the end of November. The sun rainbow kindergarten, Cambridge day, Cambridge day Dongyuan garden kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten, Yu Shu 6 kindergartens in the kindergarten, the kindergarten Tianjiao approval has been completed, to achieve the implementation of inclusive policy conditions. Among them, the sun rainbow kindergarten, Cambridge day, Cambridge day Dongyuan garden kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten education tree 4 kindergartens completed that work, this month has been the implementation of inclusive fee policy. That is to say, the 4 kindergartens have begun in accordance with 600 yuan per month or the standard of 750 yuan (excluding meal charges). Whitney nursery business, according to the corresponding level per month for 1000 yuan or 700 yuan of financial subsidies in two stages.

Pension facilities, Zijin Shinkansen ancillary facilities for the elderly has completed renovation, is to determine the operators; and one red flag home supporting nursing homes is determining the operators, after the renovation plan will be developed.

The basketball court will add 4 tablets

"Back in" the lack of large-scale cultural and sports facilities, residents have been looking forward to the Huilongguan Sports Culture Park in the planning of the landing. The City Planning Commission is the lead to adjust the overall design of Sports Culture Park, and then reported.

City, district level two government departments through the research, proposed the overall design of Sports Culture Park project implementation stage. An implementation of northern outdoor sports venues, fitness path and landscape improvement. Sports and cultural venues in southern area of the implementation of the two phase. The latest progress of the reporter learned that a part of the construction includes 4 basketball courts, 4 tennis courts and fitness equipment, has completed the review by the financial, competitive negotiation is the construction unit. In November 3rd, Chang company has admitted, to carry out auxiliary construction project.

Between Huilongguan and the plan will be the construction of a "high speed" bicycle lanes, which will become the first domestic is mainly used for commuter bike lanes for Huilongguan to the commuter "code rural" to provide more choice of commuting. This "highway" is about 6.5 km, the design speed of 20 km / hour, the road width of 6 meters, a total investment of about 560 million yuan.

It is understood that in September this year has been entering the construction of bicycle lanes. Bike lanes by overhead and road combination, but the overhead is quite long, is currently piling construction. Relevant responsible person said, this lane is scheduled to be completed next month 6.

Reporter Sun Jie

Source: Beijing daily

Editor: TF003

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