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A court in Beijing to promote the fight against evil forces to fight an overwhelming victory!

2018-11-08 23:07 beijing evening news TF010

Today, the Beijing court will carry out the gangs involved in evil clue "investigation" special activities. The high court of Beijing explicitly listed in the next stage of crime crime campaign schedule, and asked the city court to resolutely do the black will sweep, evil will be in addition to, umbrella will play, opposing corruption, chaos will rule the evils, promote the fight against evil forces struggle to develop in depth.

11 7 April afternoon, Beijing court held a special anti crime crime struggle will promote the meeting issued the "Beijing Higher People's Court on comprehensive work to promote the fight against evil forces for the further development of the" struggle.

"Plan" requirements, from November 2018 to January 2019 to 2013 since concluded all criminal, civil and commercial and enforcement cases carried out the gangs involved in evil clue "investigation" special activities. By the end of 2018, according to the quick concluded a number of gangland crime cases. 2019, continue to increase the gangs involved in evil crime clues combing investigation efforts, all concluded in 2018 accepted the first instance of gangland crime cases in the first quarter, eradicate the evil forces of their growing soil. According to the quick and severely punish crime and evil forces, establish a sound long-term mechanism of breed evil forces to curb the spread of the obtained three year fight against evil forces fight an overwhelming victory.



Source: Beijing evening news Zhang Lei

Editor: TF10

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