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Beiqi volleyball Sunday quarter finals, against the New Bayi team, can give you surprise fans in Beijing

2018-11-08 18:15 beijing evening news TF010

4 this Sunday afternoon, the 2018 to 2019 season China volleyball Super League quarter finals of the war started, Beijing men's volleyball car sits against the glorious stadium home court new combinations of the Nanchang men's volleyball powerhouse Bayi, the new coach group is Beiqi volleyball coach after the debut in Beijing fans battle. At the same time, Auto Club theme song will be the first appearance in the glorious stadium.

Since before the first stage of Beiqi volleyball league tournament elite tournament in Yingkou, and advance to the group and double cycle League quarter finals, the majority of fans have not seen the new Beijing Beiqi volleyball. On Sunday afternoon, the fans will be able to enjoy the scene of the glorious stadium this season, Beiqi volleyball first home court game. The Bayi team is a team of domestic China, Bayi team new season from Hubei into the national team fugongshou Samuel Ruan Tong, Wu Yiwen also returned to the Bayi team setter.

Beiqi volleyball coach Liu Xudong is the new coach, the team is a new combination, the new season eight war first home court game, is also very important for the new coach group. Beijing's biggest change is the introduction of the Cuban Foreign Aid Leonardo, fans is no stranger to Leonardo, he has played for several seasons in the Sichuan team, won a league title of best foreign aid. Objectively speaking, Leonardo is an excellent attacker, but some is playing alone is wild and intractable. In the first stage of the elite tournament, Leonardo performance is acceptable, but also continue to take the initiative and the Beijing team players communication. Beiqi volleyball coach Liu Xudong said that Leonardo is indeed the individual players, there is a certain degree of difficulty in management, but he is also very clear what kind of a Beiqi volleyball team, auto club is a what kind of club, Beijing is what kind of city, Leonardo came to the Beijing team after the correct attitude, whether it is training still, the game, are very active, which is the result of mutual influence, and the team wants Leonardo to form a cohesive force, play the new league season, can achieve his personal goals.



Source: Beijing evening news Kong Ning

Editor: TF10

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