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The German Film Festival in Beijing. The six film the most worth seeing

2018-11-08 17:34 Yi Zhan TF011

The sixth German Film Festival will be opened in Beijing tomorrow, not buying fans friends come to see

The film festival will be held in Beijing and two in Chengdu City, for a period of three weeks, a total of 12 screenings in recent years produced outstanding German film genres is very rich, including some film festival movie "invisible alliance" "come" "western", is worth a visit. In addition to screenings, the festival there are many German film dialogue activities.

This year's festival ticket is very humane, can be in the exhibition theater tickets, tickets, tickets can Amoy cat's eye and Broadway tickets online. But because the number is limited, suggest that you buy tickets in advance, good viewing arrangement oh.

For the next buddies introduced this festival to see most of the six films.

"Invisible" alliance

This is the opening of the film festival this year, is the first appearance of China, when film director, writer and producer Klaus Rife will visit the site.

2 1943, the German Nazi government announced that the capital Berlin has cleared the Jews "". At this moment, there are 7000 Jews hiding in the attic and basement, with fake identity frightened to live. Finally there are nearly 1700 Jews lived in Berlin during the war in the atmosphere of terror.

"Invisible alliance" tells the story of surviving witness 4 history of this experience. Their real life story is the original inspiration, the film combines the image reproduction and dramatic form of these wonderful interview survivors. Director Klaus Rife to make the best use of allegory and the bold, in the film in a new perspective, to face this "invisible history".

"Quiberon three day"

In the 1950s and 1960s the legendary actress Romy Schneider, who starred in "Sissi" trilogy is famous in the world, she and actor Alan Delon eventually missed legendary love to world attention. The actress was famous, but the debut peak, subsequent marriage has also been considered difficult, eventually died of heart failure at the age of 44.

This biopic based on the photographer Robert Lebeck for Romy Schneider in 1981 to do a shoot and interview, then from the "Sissi" death is only a year, this is her life's last public appearance. The film in black and white image to restore the past three days that the legendary interview, minimalist approach, frank and sincere. The acting of the heroine Mary Boima, let Romy Schneider as the resurrection on the screen.


The heroine of the film is similar to Oscar before the movie "billboard three", she was originally a happy wife and mother, the Turkey born husband and son in a bomb killed in terrorist attacks, after verification, the bombing is planned by two German Neo nazis. She identified the murderer, but because the evidence is not sufficient to add their own drug use by lawyers questioned the mental state, causing the murderer unpunished. In desperation, the actress launched a plan of revenge......

As a Turkey born director Fatih Arkin, always pay attention to social criticism and political equality, is a worthy of the name "". This time he based on continuation of personal style, the theme will be directed at the extreme right-wing forces, to transfer his attention and concern in the world. Actress Diane Krueger also contributed its occupation career best performance, and won the film by the Cannes Film Festival best actress.

"The west"

This is the second Pingyao International Film Festival Exhibition, FIRST and EU Film Festival, fourth times in the China debut, enough to see the film's charm.

The story happened in a remote rural areas in Bulgaria, is about the construction of rural life a group of German construction workers. A large number of non depiction of two underlying male occupation actor very accurate. Plain film director silence, in a more open attitude to the fuzzy many social and political problems are discussed.

"One thousand ways to describe the rain"

Such a romantic story of the title, is a loss not lost story.

The movie actor Mike put himself on the inside, the helpless father, mother and sister away. He was not sick, but determined not to want to get involved in the outside world. In Japan, the person such as "hikikomori young". This behavior in the western countries have gradually spread. His family could only stand in every closed door waiting, inquiry, anger, despair, blame, ignore and look forward to it.

The attitude to hikikomori not superior or overly optimistic, showing the slightest hint of humanistic care in peace.


During World War II, a man trying to escape in the war, he has been under the guise of a Dutch act the writer in the exit, but then a strange combination of circumstances, fell in love with the wife of a writer. Accept this incredible love, or to escape? Faced with this dilemma, how does he choose?

"Transit" German writer Anna Seegers wrote the war novel of the same name based on the experimental techniques of a temporal background of misplaced shooting, such as actor on the run even when passing a Nike shop, this obfuscation in a new deal but people, see a lot of problems on the current political allegory.

Finally, with full row piece table.





Source: Yuan Yuner into art

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