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Competition for Euroleague Cup: Celtic VS Leipzig Red Bull Bundesliga team three main players missing

2018-11-08 17:23. Sina TF003

Beijing time November 9th 04:002018/19 season Europa League group match B group fourth round of the game will be held in Scotland capital Glasgow Celtic Park Stadium, of which last season's Champions League Celtics will play at home last season, the Bundesliga sixth Leipzig Red Bull. The home team has won 4 wins and 1 defeats in the last five matches, and the visiting team has won 3 wins and 2 draws in the last five games.

Celtics boss Rodgers (right) Xinhua News Agency / Europe New

Recent situation of the home team: Celtics home court strength

The Celtics won 5 wins and 0 wins in the Soviet Super League last Saturday. They won three consecutive victories in all competitions.

The Celtics, who started the attack immediately after breaking off the field and broke the deadlock in Eighteenth minutes, expanded the score in twenty-sixth minutes and scored another goal in thirty-ninth minutes. In the second half, defusing the opponent's counterattack, he scored another sixty-fifth minutes in a sixty-fifth minute attack and scored a penalty for the next city in eighty-ninth minutes. The final home court was 5 to 0. Rodgers, the Celtics coach, said that the Celtics, who had won a great victory in the team's performance and the result of the game, showed a strong desire to win the Celtics, while defending the aggressiveness and seized many five chances.

Judging from the recent situation of the team, Celtic scored 8 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses in the Soviet Super League this season, and scored 27 goals and 6 goals. In the absence of a match, the 1 leading lead of third points and 4 points were ranked second in the league. In the last round of the Europa league tournament, 0 points were scored in the last round of the Leipzig Red Bull competition, and they scored the winning streak in the league.

Celtics boss Rodgers said Thursday that the Celtics boss, who has obviously improved their performance compared with the first leg of the first two games, is currently playing a strong defensive and scoring many goals. Players must show their strength and best condition in this difficult match, and make every effort to lay the foundation for a victory with a victory with the support of home fans.

From the standpoint of injury, the second half of the offense, Beaton and Al Zane, are being rehabilitative. The half main center Griffith is out of danger. The main force is S. Brown, who is adjusting the status quo and other players can play.

Recent situation of the visiting team: the three main players are missing.

The Leipzig Red Bull beat Berlin 3 Herta 0 times in the Bundesliga last Sunday. They won two consecutive victories in all competitions.

The Red Bull, who started the attack immediately after the opening of the game, broke the deadlock in seventh minutes and missed the opportunity continuously after countering the counterattack. In the second half, it expanded the score in eight minutes and wasted a good chance in the next seventy-fifth minutes. Then the game ended 3 to 0. Rangnick, the Leipzig Red Bull boss, said that the Red Bull team had played 75 minutes well in the second half of the German Cup, but failed to finish the suspense.

Judging from the recent situation of the team, the Leipzig Red Bull has won 5 wins, 4 draws, 1 losses, 19 goals and 9 goals in the Bundesliga this season, ranked 1 in the league, 1 points in 1 points, fifth points in 2 points, and ranked fourth in the league. In the last round of the Europa League, the match was scored and the ball was lost after the victory over the Celtics.

On Thursday, the Celtics were on the road. Rangnick, the Leipzig Red Bull manager, said that the players with better lineup after the return of some injured players will go all out with the support of the hot home fans. They will face a tough battle. The Red Bull team must continue to have a unified and strict defense and strive to win the game by continuing the excellent performance against the Hoffenheim and Berlin Herta.

From the injury situation, the main attacking midfielder Forsberg, the main center Y. Paulson and Ti. Werner were injured, and the half main right back Mukil, half main center Augustin returned to injury.

Competition information

Game: 2018/19 season Europa League group fourth round.

Stadium information: Celtic Park Stadium, Glasgow

Weather conditions: rain, 8 degrees

Head to Head Record

The two sides had only fought 1 times before, and the home team lost 0 to 2 in the Europa away game in October 2018. The Celtics nearly 10 games, 7 wins, 0 draws, 3 defeats (including 3 wins, 0 draws, 0 defeats), and Leipzig Red Bull nearly 10 games 7 wins, 3 draws, and 0 defeats. Judging from the recent state, the visiting team is in a slightly better condition.

Expected first

Celtics: Gordon; Ruth Teague; undergraduate Vic, Boya tower, tyre, Mcgregor, Christie, Roy Chi; Forster, S. Sinclair; Edward.

Leipzig Red Bull: Mu Wu Ge; Klosterman, Orban, Wu Pu Mei Kano, Hal Stenberg; de Mei, Ethan Ke; sage, Kamper, Cunha, Augustin

(Xiao Hong)

(original title: China competition net Europa Intelligence: Leipzig Red Bull three main force will be out)

Source: Sina

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