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SMG Europa League Preview: Celtic VS Leipzig Red Bull Bundesliga team three players missing

2018-11-08 17:23 Sina TF003

A game of November 9th Beijing time 04:002018/19 season Europa League group phase fourth round of group B will be in Scotland, the capital city of Glasgow, the Celtic Park, the Scottish Premier League last season champion Celtics season in the Bundesliga home court against on the sixth Leipzig team Red Bull. The home team has achieved in last game 5 win 4 1 negative, the 3 wins in the last game 2.

Celtics coach Doc Rodgers (right) Xinhua News Agency / EPA

The current situation and restore the Celtics strong home court

The Celtics in the Sunday SPL 5 home court 0 rout of harts team, won three straight games in all competitions.

Immediately after the opening onslaught launched and break the deadlock in the eighteenth minute of the Celtics in twenty-sixth minutes to expand the score and then scored a goal in the thirty-ninth minute, resolve the opponent with strong attack in the counterattack after sixty-fifth minutes and then into a ball and the penalty next city in eighty-ninth minutes in the second half, the final 5 to 0 home court after the rout, the Celtics coach Rodgers said on the team performance and results have achieved great success and show a strong desire to win the Celtics in the show and defensive aggression hold five chances in.

The team from the current situation, the Celtics 8 wins this season in the Scottish Premier League in 1 flat 2 negative into 27 ball lost 6 goals and in the case of a game with 1 points behind the leader leading the third score of 4 to second in the standings, three wins 13 goals to lose 0 goals in the round of Europa League away 0 to 2 loss to the Leipzig team after Red Bull.

This Thursday in Leipzig Red Bull home court team, the Celtics coach Rodgers said that compared with the first leg game was to improve the performance of Celtics present a strong attack Shou and scored a lot of goals, the players must be in the difficulty of the game to show their ability and the best condition and the support of the fans as in the home court to use a victory to qualify for the foundation.

From the injury situation, substitute midfielder Beaton and kouassi, attacking midfielder Al Zane is substitute for rehabilitation, semi main center Griffith injured, Brown is the main avant-garde S. state adjustment, other players can play.

The current situation: three out of the main road Red Bull sound

Leipzig Red Bull team on Sunday morning in the Bundesliga away 3 to 0 victory over the Berlin team Herta, two wins in all competitions.

Immediately after the opening onslaught launched the Red Bull team in seventh minutes to break the deadlock and resolve the opponent in a continuous counterattack continuously after a missed opportunity at the start of the second half eight minutes to expand the score and with a strong attack in seventy-fifth minutes before the next city continuous waste of opportunity and eventually finished 0 away 3 wins, Leipzig coach Rangnick said after the game Red Bull a good continuation in the German Cup game in the second half performance Red Bull team played 75 minutes of the strike but not ahead of the end game, and make adjustments in the competitor with the outstanding performance of the goalkeeper to resolve the opponent.

From the team's recent situation, Leipzig Red Bull team made 5 wins in the Bundesliga this season in the 4 1 19 9 and negative into conceeded ball behind a third 1 lead a fifth 2 score in the League ranked No. 4, Europa in the last round of League home court 2 than the 0 win over the Celtics after 2 1 5 0 into conceeded Sheng Ping ball.

This Tuesday at Boston, Leipzig Red Bull team coach Rangnick said will go all out in the popular home court under the support of fans in some of the injured players have a better squad after the return of the opponent, will face a tough Red Bull team must continue the unity and tight defense and through the continuation of excellent performance against Hoffenheim and Berlin the Herta team to win.

From the injury situation, the main attacking midfielder Forsberg, the main center of Y. Paulson and Ti. Werner injured, half rightback Mukil, the main center of Augustin back injury.

Game information

Number: 2018/19 season Europa League group phase fourth round

Course information: Glasgow, Celtic Park

Weather: rain, 8 degrees

Head to Head Record

The two sides had only at 1 times, the home team in the October 2018 Europa games in 0 than 2 lost to rivals. The Celtics in 10 games 7 wins, 0 draws and 3 losses (including 3 wins 0 flat 0 negative home court), Leipzig Red Bull team of nearly 10 games 7 wins, 3 draws and 0 losses (with 3 wins away 2 flat 0 negative). From the recent state, the state is slightly better.

Is expected to debut

Celtics: Gordon; Teague benkovic, Ruth, boyata, Mcgregor, Christie, Tierney; Forster S. Sinclair, Luo Jiji; Edward;

Leipzig: Red Bull Muwoge; Klosterman, Orban, Wupamei Kano, Hal Stenberg de Ethan, G; Kamper; Cunha; Sabi CE, Augustin.


(original title: Chinese SMG network information: Leipzig Europa three main Red Bull out)

Source: Sina

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