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Be careful! The elderly scooter will face cleaning, including three and four wheel motor vehicles

2018-11-08 17:31 beijing evening news TF015

Pay attention to home elderly scooter friends. The Ministry official micro news release today, the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport, the market supervision administration of six ministries jointly issued the day before the "Circular on strengthening the management of electric vehicles" speed, requirements of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the local people's government organization to carry out rectification work of low-speed electric vehicles, no new low-speed electric car production capacity, and the elderly scooter was clearly into the range of low-speed electric vehicles.

Low speed electric vehicles mainly refers to the speed, mileage is short, the key components of batteries, motors and other technical level is low, for a passenger or cargo tricycle, four wheel motor vehicles, including the elderly scooter etc..

The Ministry said that in recent years, China's low speed electric vehicle production and market scale expansion, the number of production enterprises has more than one hundred, the production scale has more than one million. The majority of low-speed electric vehicles belonging to motor vehicles on the road, however, the production is not incorporated into the motor vehicle management system, products of brake and steering and collision performance does not meet the technical standards for safety of motor vehicle. At the same time, the production enterprises do not have the vehicle production qualification, unlicensed vehicles without a license, insurance, road traffic, a serious violation of relevant provisions of existing laws and regulations, to have a serious impact on road traffic safety and traffic order. According to the statistics of 2017 years of relevant departments, in recent years the occurrence of traffic accidents of low-speed electric vehicles 83 million, 1.8 million deaths caused by 18.6 million injuries caused by low speed electric vehicles, the number of accidents and deaths increased year by year, in recent years the average annual growth of 23.3% and 30.9% respectively. Therefore, more and more traffic participants called for the strengthening of the low-speed electric vehicles production, sale and use of supervision from the source, safeguard the interests of consumers and public order, handle the relationship between traffic safety and convenience, increase the remediation efforts of illegal production, sale and use of such vehicles, reduce security risks."

The reporter saw, the "notice" mainly from the three aspects of the existing rectification, is strictly prohibited to add and establish a long-term mechanism to make specific provisions.

Straighten out the low speed electric vehicle production and sales enterprise, is divided into three stages, to carry out investigations to find out this month in low-speed electric car production enterprises in the region to set up the basic situation of the time, the scale of production and products etc.. From December 2018 to January 2019 for the rectification stage, to find that in the first stage of investigation in the use of "notice" license, or special vehicle production license name beyond the scope of production and sales of low-speed electric vehicle products enterprises, to carry out rectification, no business license, according to the law to ban the seizure. The third stage, the provincial people's Government shall formulate the regional low electric capacity Yajian out restructuring plan, formulate and implement local special rectification plan, the relevant policies issued, to take comprehensive measures to clean up the standards of production enterprises and products.

No new low-speed electric car production capacity, the "notice" requirements, local people's governments should strictly enforce the state of motor vehicle production and sales of the relevant laws and regulations, issued a stop encouraging policies related to the development of low-speed electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles issued stop access conditions, stop the approval or filing of low-speed electric vehicles to stop new investment projects, low-speed electric car companies, expansion of production factories and other infrastructure projects, stop new low-speed electric car models have been formulated and promulgated relevant policies; the area, should immediately stop the implementation of projects under construction, should be immediately corrected, to ensure that the low-speed electric car production capacity growth.

In addition, the provincial people's government according to the specific circumstances of the region to develop in the low-speed electric vehicle disposal methods, study the transition period set for a period of time, the elimination of illegal products in low-speed electric vehicles by replacement, repurchase, encourage scrap rate. The basic principle is to ensure the low-speed electric vehicles governance work orderly, but also to protect the legal compliance of non road sightseeing car, the disabled wheelchair motor vehicle production, sale and use of the legitimate rights and interests.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF015

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