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SMG Europa League Preview: Limassol VS Frankfurt Apollo forecast: actual customer wins

2018-11-08 17:19 Sina TF003

On the weekend at Stuttgart victory in 3-0, the last 7 war 6 wins and 1 level of success in Frankfurt, "Yan Xi Raiders" continued unpopular.

Frankfurt team player Rebizzi (right) Xinhua News Agency / EPA

SMG let the ball +1: let @3.45, let @2.50 negative; actual customer wins

On the weekend at Stuttgart victory in 3-0, the last 7 war 6 wins and 1 level of success in Frankfurt, "Yan Xi Raiders" continued unpopular. Although a draw with Nuremberg was worrying but strong interrupt away Stuttgart value is not small, that Western Europe (not just Germany) traffic hub city team confidence good. The introduction and recommendation of the team, strong, continue to be optimistic about the Frankfurt Road, today after winning can be divided into 12 straight line lock.

Limassol Apollo the Cyprus team, started from Europa in the first round qualifying all the way up, the earliest start time is July 13th, this is what the concept of time? Two days before the world cup final. In other words, we have the impression that Russia has been lopsided contest, before the end of the opening of Europa has the first round qualifying, but the game team Lima Sol Apollo, is the beginning of the season at that time. After eight rounds of fighting four laps into the Europa race, and Cyprus League winning 3 games, Europa struggling after 3, finally entered the regression model to fall, the recent 3 consecutive fights to face the horrors of Frankfurt.

To be upset, also need the ability to meet the fitness and injury problems are supporting factors. July hit now the Cyprus ball will say something that is, other international match back on the gas, where there is a block of Frankfurt "Yan Xi Raiders" continue to work ability?

(winner of football uncle Zhitong)

(original title: China SMG network information in Europa: Lisbon defender Mathieu has recovered)

Source: Sina

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