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Beiqi new women's volleyball team won the first victory of the season Ceng Chunlei Liu Xiaotong mainstay

2018-11-08 17:12 beijing evening news TF015

This afternoon, held in Shanghai Jiading stadium from 2018 to 2019 the first phase of the elite national volleyball league season first round matches, "International Women's volleyball column" Beijing automobile is still with Ceng Chunlei and Liu Xiaotong Chinese women's Volleyball National Champion of the two mainstay of excellent play, just steady line, so as to more than 3 0 beat the first opponent Yunnan women's volleyball team, is over the first hurdle.

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The new season foreign aid many Beiqi women's volleyball team was outside of envy, but the new line-up is actually hidden problems. Even if the strength is not strong Yunnan team, will also cause difficulties to the Beijing team, this point came to prominence in the first inning. Also, this is in Beiqi women's volleyball coach Zhang Jianzhang deliberately did not start a new setter Sun Wenjing, but with his players and with 4 setter Chen Xintong debut, the team is still too crude, the first game to 5 behind 12 is probably the most fans did not expect the situation, but objectively existing problems this is the team. Kinton and Dixon from the United States women's volleyball team fugongshou Li Weiwei from Henan, if the spring and Liu Xiaotong et al., the paper strength than "whole class" of the Yunnan team, but the team is playing too messy, but is rapidly changing the Yunnan team is very active. Thanks to Liu Xiaotong continuous strong serve and counter work, Zeng Chunlei's fierce attack and block score, Beijing team was in a big deficit under 26 to 24 counter ultra actually won the first game.

Subsequently, Ceng Chunlei appeared at the same time the service power, her home is sharp, it also allows all parts of the country came to the scene of the "big bud" fans hooked, the Beijing team 17 to 10 victory established. Beijing coach Zhang Jianzhang immediately changed the spring bud, sent Sun Wenjing, Australia and Seamus Rachel spiker Jin Ye debut, running in a variety of play, the Beijing team to 25 than 17 to clinch a bureau. The three game of Ceng Chunlei didn't play any Kaiyi partner Liu Xiaotong as the main line, Rachel main collusion position, the Beijing team 12 to 2 lead the score, let Zhang Jianzhang have replaced Liu Xiaotong, Zhang Yu, Liu Mengyao et al., different people come up. Zhang Jianzhang said, and strive to make more people familiar with league play, rhythm and atmosphere. It is a new array of constantly running, to make you wasted a few opportunities, opponents are gradually approaching the difference, Beijing team with 25 than 18 to win the Council, a total score of 3 to 0 to resolve the fighting.

Ceng Chunlei said: "this is the first game, our team from all corners of the country, the people with the time is too short, cohesion is not good. However, we still turned positive, summary, behind the game will be more difficult. I am looking forward to the new season, hope that I can return to the best state." Liu Xiaotong said: "we first somewhat unsuitable self adjustment is too slow, the new lineup is not understanding, and then gradually into the state, we all want to play, to lay a good foundation for the game."

Beiqi women's volleyball coach Zhang Jianzhang said: "the team was slow, the new lineup of mobilization is also inadequate, played out of order, and then after the adjustment of the old players, especially national champion Ceng Chunlei and Liu Xiaotong reflect the strength and control the situation. Foreign aid just came to the team, they are all good players, and the team with the needed time, this is only a start."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Kong Ning

Editor: TF015

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