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Beijing Fangshan integrated power handling deep evil forces umbrella"

2018-11-08 16:48 Beijing Qingfeng TF011

Editor's note: this year, Beijing city to fight against evil forces struggle as the number one project, tight compaction responsibility chain, the formation of joint management, comprehensive management work pattern. In order to further summarize the experience and practice of Beijing discipline inspection network, "Beijing Qingfeng" WeChat public open "anti crime crime special topic, in the new experience in the fight crime in new ways.

"Should be based on the functions and responsibilities, adhere to fight evil with anti-corruption struggle and grassroots" flies together "as a focus on remediation of the masses around the problem of corruption." About the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission on crime crime special work in the position and role of Fangshan District discipline inspection and supervision system of cadres can be combined with the actual experience and express their understanding.

Since this year, Fangshan District District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission in the fight against evil forces in the struggle to strengthen supervision, impartial discipline, serious accountability, to win the fight against evil forces to fight this crucial battle to provide a strong guarantee for discipline.

Find out the base, a clear focus. "Fangshan District is a big agricultural area, a large rural population area. At the grassroots level, people feel the most real, the most hated is for the evil forces to act as a "protective umbrella", against the interests of the masses of the people." This is the object of discipline inspection and supervision departments in the fight against evil forces in the struggle for the focus of rectification. District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission according to the actual area, to continue to deepen the "crown is not the official chaos as the special treatment and severely punish people around unwholesome tendencies and corruption as the starting point of the party's eighteen big clues since the region cadres and all the exercise of public power involving public officials involved in the problem of evil black out. A comprehensive investigation combing, find out the base, establish clues special ledgers, the person responsible for the special registration, clear focus. The gangs involved in evil outstanding, the masses have strong regional and field, focus on, the evil forces act as "umbrella" and promote the fight against evil forces fight against problems such as lack of serious investigation, strengthen the verification and supervision, to ensure that each piece is nowhere to be found.

Perfect the mechanism, form a work force. "We firmly establish the" chess game "ideas, adhere to the unified leadership of Party committees and the judicial organs, strengthen communication links, continuously improve the coordination and effectiveness of the work of the whole." District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission District party political oversight, the person in charge. District Committee and the District Commission for discipline inspection law enforcement authorities to establish timely, smooth and orderly shehei clues involving the evil collaborative consultation mechanism, integration of power handling, ferreting out the evil forces umbrella". Combined with the Fangshan Public Security Bureau issued "implementation measures" on the further strengthening of cooperation and coordination in the fight against evil forces in the struggle, to strengthen the daily contact and information communication, timely notify each other gangs involved in evil case investigation, involving the evil Mafia corruption and "umbrella" problem investigated, jointly study and put forward countermeasures, an important problem to enhance communication fight crime and corruption "flies" integrated and coordinated. In close cooperation with the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps, district Procuratorate, establish communication and coordination and consultation system. The establishment of effective coordination handling mechanism, set up a joint task force and the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps, to focus on the case on the case of synchronous and synchronous investigation, promote synergy, accumulate experience for the crime crime joint handling.

To strengthen supervision and enhance the effectiveness of the work. "The punishment of gangs involved in evil corruption, against a" protective umbrella ", find out the clue of high quality is a difficult problem." In practice, sources is not wide, the quality is not high, some clues lack of follow up, the punishment of gangs involved in evil corruption and "umbrella" for the further development of. In this regard, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission area shift work, from "to" take the initiative to await urgently necessary condition "". The fight against evil forces to carry out the struggle and Party cadres gangs involved in evil as an important part of the daily supervision and discipline, strictly check the main responsibility in the comprehensive assessment, increase the focus on the gangs involved in evil corruption, "umbrella" and other problems of daily supervision and discipline. Currently 99 of the region's fight against evil forces fight propulsion unit for the supervision and inspection work. In the district patrol work, increase to the masses, prominent anti crime crime special inspections, discipline during the fight against evil forces fight discipline, the convergence does not close hand, strictly and promptly investigated, to punish the gangs involved in evil corruption in the implementation of oversight responsibilities responsible for negligent, ineffective serious asked responsibility.



Source: Beijing Qingfeng

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