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The 34 year old doctor sent 8 years Express called "jobs" he so your back......

2018-11-08 16:27 Beijing daily TF011

Double peak eleven logistics is coming, every time this time, many people think of him, 34 year old history department of Yanbian University doctoral student Tan Chao. He sent 8 express, questioned, some people said he was a waste of resources, grab low education jobs". See how he is fierce resentment - back

Get up at 5 every day, 12 o'clock at night to rest, Tan Chao is in charge of a university in Shandong, a courier agent, doctor he also has an identity of the History Department of Yanbian University. During the day he send express, back home in the evening on a headlong into the literature heap, explore the historical problems of Northeast Asia in the thick of the ancient historical data.

8 years ago, in order to graduate, Tan Chao worked as a courier brother.

"Why do the courier?" Tan Chao replied that you didn't lose his Poverty stifles ambition. ah, the money may not do anything to make money? Do you have the time you are not graduated?

He said, just graduated that themselves are not a penny, married students themselves are not suitable to wear, looking for work only on stem node, if the node will pay second days, he had no food.

The bottom of the work you can think of all that I have done, wipe the glass, real estate intermediary, the newspaper bottle, security......"

The highest degree of express brother: I am down to earth,

When you decide to give up the dream of Tsinghua, height 1 meter 85 security Tan Chao first feel fragile. It was 2011, the fourth time he took research on the relationship between international students of Tsinghua University, failed. Received the interview results that day, he made two decisions: first, adjust to the alma mater Yantai University, completing the graduate re examination of dr.. Second, Graduate School at the same time, rented a small courier transceiver, odd life.

Tan Chao when a express little brother, partly because of security when just touch the job, on the other hand it is because usually also class, could not find a full-time job, relative delivery time relatively high degree of freedom.

Doing doing, Tan Chao found that the volume has risen to the point where they can support a family, has been doing.

8 years, also has the teacher accused Tan Chao: "such a high educated people grab low education work, mind is not a disease."

Tan Chao does not agree with this statement: "this is to divide people into various grades and ranks through education, instead of trying to. I hate is that he despised the look, he kind of ingrained class differentiation expression. Whether a person is doing academic or to send express or to say that comic or, as long as he can be a good doctor is to promote the development of productive forces."

He said, I am down to earth, and to know the state, express and world history is the same!

Express own numbering method, efficiency doubled

In the 8 years of the delivery process, Tan Chao through their own efforts and high IQ, own express number method, sent a total of 800 thousand express. This number if only in accordance with the years of work for 11 months, then the average day will delivery volume 300, equivalent to two times more than the ordinary courier.

The development of the industry than Tan Chao had imagined, almost doubled every year. The parcel sent more and more, is getting better. By the end of 2011, the four phone number on the name card Tan Chao often is off the hook, send and receive every day more than 1000 pieces has become the daily express, income is off.

After graduation, TAN Chao plans to go to college job, "I think I should be teaching, have a little achievement in the aspects of promoting the development of productivity. My academic, my theory can be spread, slim order in the world."

Is the inspirational education or waste, how do you see?

Like Tan Chao "down to earth", actually a lot of, for example:

Song Qingnan, Chinese Academy of Sciences graduate this year botany PhD, to teach the second Yantai high biological, Yantai city has become a rare high degree of middle school teachers. Study hard for 22 years to get a doctorate, which did not work to the universities and research institutes, many people think she "Qucai". Song Qingnan said, "my love, only for their own good, compared to the research data, the students knowledge of the eyes is more attractive to me."

Huang Xiaobin, 2006 years, with a score of 634 from Shaoxing Xinchang County, was admitted to the Zhejiang University, after 7 and a half years of master, he did not become a researcher, did not go to the hospital to find a job. Graduated from 27 years old, originally may become a doctor. When he started to read Bo matters, in preparation for the TOEFL exam, see the BBC documentary "Paul bread" to teach you to do, so I decided to switch to selling bread. Huang Xiaobin said, "when I graduate school is very happy, but not to" graduate "this thing become my future is not happy."


Three hundred and sixty, adventure.has. Unknown to the public workers on each post are worthy of respect, indispensable. Each job has a lovely person in life and hard work, hard work. With a serious and responsible attitude, ordinary work can also be done extraordinary.


Source: Beijing daily

Comprehensive: China Youth Daily, Qilu one point, Ji'nan city channel, the CYL Central Committee, pear video, Lang Club

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