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Not in the fans are not flying friends? These pictures tell you how to show ordinary people

2018-11-08 16:02 Beijing is TF011

HZMB just opened not long, Guangdong Zhuhai ushered in a feast, the twelfth session of Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Chinese airshow).

As to the physical display, trade negotiations, academic exchanges and flight performance as the main feature of the international professional Aerospace Exhibition, show looks more is mainly for large customers and professionals, but this does not hinder the public for its enthusiasm, then the knowledge reserve is not rich in ordinary people, how to see it in the end of the show? Beijing was as a member of the tigers will eat melon masses, take you to experience the charm of the show.

[a] watch wonderful flight performance

How to see the plane to see the best? Of course when flying with the best. The show, not the most eye-catching said certainly is fly. During this year's show, the air force China Bayi aerobatic team and Red Eagle Aviation University of air force aerobatic team will bring wonderful performances every day. A "shock", a "beautiful", the air force is given the two keywords Conference team.

First take a look at the "shock" bayi. The Bayi team was founded in 1962, is the air force veteran team, also known as the "blue sky guard China".

The Bayi team annihilates -10 aircraft launch, visual and auditory by double shock.

Six machine formation layout, for a beautiful arc in the sky.

Turn a somersault in the air, formation is not aliasing.

Another six machine to flowering, wonderful bloom.

Four team, chongshangyunxiao.

Turn down, the suspect is the Milky Way fell 9 days.

Double hedge, air.

Take a look at the "beautiful" red eagle. Red Eagle from the Air Force Aviation University, the players are using the -8 aircraft flight instructor to teach, this is the first time to participate in the Zhuhai airshow.

Red eagle appeared to put out the iconic "Red Eagle" formation low pass.

A bright red eagle team is air formation transformation, such as the arrow in the team.

Another example of the diamond team, according to the narrator, the middle of the team no plane coordinates can be as reference, so the formation but difficult action.

A "diamond" formation, make the "Diamond somersault" movements in the air can.

The smoke with painting, fan flower.

In addition to every kind of formation, flight instructors also show a high degree of difficulty of movements, such as double hedge rush hour.

Another example of the air flash turn maneuvers, draw a tree seedlings.

There are red eagle classic style - Cupid's arrow in the air to draw an arrow through the heart is not let a person shine at the moment?

[two] air force aspect technology forefront

The flight performance is brought to the forefront of visual feast, then models of the flying display is caused by the shock of hearing. This sounds is not the sound of the plane, but around the fans exclaimed. The show before, notice the air force fighter -20 and transport model -20 two front appearance, however also appeared another highlight show, a windfall for the military fans.

At the show's schedule, and not listed the -20 show time, when the three fighters -20 team appeared in the airshow above, site began boiling.

Although this is not the first appearance Chinese fighter jets, but the new attitude, new air force formation, the new painting notice or let the military fans exclaimed again and again.

F -20 at the show over time is not long, but frequently show emergency stop sharp movements, showing various attitude in the air, although the tiger said is not very understand, but you scream that rare these moves.

Because f -20 is fighting frontier models, so it is only a short debut at the show, but another frontier military transport -20 will appear every day, the fat guy and the same column Chinese Air Force fighter -20 "20 generation", is also a manifestation of the air force.

If f -20 and -20 is expected to shock, then followed by the f -10B thrust vector verification machine is a surprise, because it made a difficult "Cobra maneuver".

"The Cobra maneuver" this action, of course, that ordinary people do not know much, it is said that the idea is to stop the high-speed aircraft in the air, turned upward, then bow acceleration forward flight trajectory modeling like cobra. This action was once a Soviet Su-27 fighter ace, now Chinese air force to use their own aircraft to make this move is a historic moment, thus triggering the army fans exclaimed again.

[three] watch close contact with aerospace

For ordinary people, when contact with the aircraft only in the airport plane, but at the show site, and the planes can be closer to the airport can also contact in the reach of models, take a picture next to the plane, back hair circle of friends, is certainly a point like.

Airbus has brought the latest A220, this is the model for the first time to China.

In addition to the "bus" type of aircraft, and every kind of "two seater supercar", the heart can buy buy buy.

In addition to the plane, and the pilot can close contact, such as Pakistan JF-17 fighter pilot, all of them are of high value.

We are old friends, of course, no problem to find a photo.

In the indoor exhibition, but also long queues of Chinese space station core cabin debut, but can be classified as internal facilities are not allowed to take pictures.

Another long queues, is a dual channel CR929 aircraft of the Sino Russian cooperation 1:1 display.

China manufacturing finally also had wide body aircraft, inside the facility has reached the international advanced level.

Although called airshow airshow, but is actually a large booth, a weapon here, a lot of advanced weapons and zero distance feeling, a barrel or not.

The field of civil aviation, airline stewardess uniforms are about the evolution of the development of civil aviation since the reform and opening up, is also create new styles?

The 12 th June 6 11 China airshow to 11 day held in Zhuhai, 6-8 for the audience of professional, 9-11 days for the public open day, interested in buddy, can also play a fly to Zhuhai feel.



Source: Beijing is tiger Photography: Deng Wei

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