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The bear climbed the cliff bear this impressive moves because of threats

2018-11-08 15:48 Beijing daily TF011

These two days have a video fire: a mother bear with cubs climb the cliff, because the young bear weak, can not keep up the pace of the mother, once again fall, strong bear did not give up, but fell, in a time of a cheer, finally on their own, climbed to the top of the hill!

Video screenshot

This is a good story, many netizens called Winnie the spirit of perseverance to impress: someone said "every Monday should look at this video, and motivate yourself to" cheer for the little brown friends watched it dim figure, just want to say: come on! Little brother bear".

But some people have seen a strange details in the video. In the video about 44 seconds, when the bear is going to climb to the top of the mountain, the mother bear made a seemingly rather baffling movement violently waved a claw to bear. The claw strength and the shaking amplitude is too large, the distance is too far, obviously not to bear up (but not like humans bear in hand). It is of course not, but let the bear fell farther distance, and spent more than a minute before climbing up.

This action is not without reason. The University of Alberta Grizzlies researcher Clayton Lamb pointed out that this is most probably because the bear felt her threat, bear away so as not to affect.

What threat?

Shooting this scene of a uav.

This video is unknown, but there are signs that this is for the UAV (in particular, camera angle appears multiple times substantially vertical). Lamb pointed out that the scene itself is very suspicious, the bear is so small, the normal mother won't take it so hard to climb the cliff, unless necessary.

In the video the bear is not looked intently at the bear, but repeatedly looked up toward the direction of the lens, obviously in UAV interference is noisy; but in the bear will first climb to the top of the mountain, the lens substantially closer, it must with the UAV itself fast approaching -- this behavior is easy to bear that for the attacks, probably for this reason she will make the bear move away.

Which of course is not the first time the problem of uav. Do not understand the animal behavior, the lack of relevant training free to use UAV close pictures, the animal driven into dangerous areas, will interfere with their hunting, will lead to tension and anxiety, in many aspects affecting wild animal's survival, but the photographer himself did not know even happiness within.

The elephant is extremely susceptible to interference and influence of UAV (probably because of the buzz understand the UAV into the colony), so that some of the rancher UAV as a driving device and the like; Current Biology in 2015, according to a study found that American black bear, when the UAV is flying over all the bears have a heartbeat, a black bear in the extreme case of a heartbeat from 41 beats per minute surge to 162 beats per minute, 1 hours later still maintained at more than 120 beats.

The observation of animal behavior is not wrong. From the animal behavior read sweet story is not wrong -- just remember this story is the creation of man and does not belong to the animal itself.

However, a mother in human harassment forced to risk transfer, complicity child risked his life, but also by other humans as a brave perseverance lovely story, anyway this is too ironic.

Human affection is really a headache animal.



Source: Beijing daily

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