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Yiyanbuge hands the elderly abuse act community Secretary ye so much temper

2018-11-08 15:40 The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission website state TF011

As early as the application has been submitted to higher authorities for free use, the reasonable demands of the masses can not be timely reply for yiyanbuge, namely verbal abuse or even began to attack, a party cadres staged a farce play the gangster in the community service center hall......

1 months to 2018 years, Sichuan city of Chengdu province Chenghua District exposure typical case mannenba street tree shop community party branch deputy secretary of Wanning government service window in dealing with the masses is simple and crude, bad attitude. In the briefing, Wanning discipline problems include: "such a serious violation of discipline of the masses, to the masses is simple and crude, adverse effects".

The community is a guarantee of low rent housing for low-income people housing security livelihood projects. Chenghua District mannenba street tree shop community of low rent housing for examination by the then deputy secretary of Party branch is mainly responsible for the Wanning community.

9 2017 30, the Chenghua District Housing Authority held a community of low rent housing and rental subsidies to protect coordination. After the meeting, the Wanning people will be in a hurry to return Wang Shun (a pseudonym) submitted by the old housing rental subsidy application form and other personal material is placed in the community service hall.

The day after the end of the holiday, Wang Shun elderly because of family difficulties in urgent need of money, then to the community service center about half a year ago, submitted the rental subsidy application form and personal family statement and other materials are free in the service hall. The old man mistakenly thought that the community staff will not be material submitted, then to find Wanning to make a statement".

Wanning failed to explain to the old man, and a tough attitude, said the above materials for meeting materials will not be returned in the community service center hall and the fierce quarrel, and then lead to physical conflict. Even the old man riding a Wanning bicycle sharing thrown into the river, to let the old "home", resulting in adverse social impact.

In October 2017, Chenghua District Discipline Inspection Commission received a report from the masses immediately after the investigation, the investigation team visited the community staff at the scene, the access to the community service center hall monitoring data. The master of the Wanning disregard of the demands of the masses, the masses of the problem of maltreatment. At the same time from the periphery Mopai, field visits to local residents, the investigation of Wanning whether there are other violations of the law. "Temper, ask two impatient" do a show ran several times, each time in two words or three do things carelessly"...... Many people complain to the investigation team.

As a grass-roots party deputy secretary, are the servants of the people, you not only to serve the people, but relied on the public, for the elderly wanton acrimony, this is a cadre of the party should do?" In the face of the investigation team members' questions, just took office less than a year Wanning bowed his head in shame.

1 2018, Chenghua District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission decision, because in Wanning to do mass work when the method is simple and rude, adverse effects, given the party warning in Wanning.

"As the Party cadres, problems should be patient and mass communication, rather than" rough ", is unworthy of the organization and the masses of my trust. I will deeply reflect on their own behavior, patience, careful, sincere to the masses of work to do deep, solid, do fine......" Wanning made a profound review and to apologize to the old man. (the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission State website Wang Xiaoning)

In contact with the masses and serve the masses, the masses focus on remediation side especially the formalism and bureaucracy of the salient issues of the masses. For example, public service units and government service window poor attitude, low work efficiency, government service hotline, government websites, government run "APP zombies".

From the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Office issued "on the implementation of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping focus on remediation formalism and bureaucratism work opinions"

The comment

For convenient service units and government services to the "small window" masses opened, directly on behalf of our party and government is serving the people wholeheartedly image. However, in practical work, the existing door hard, ugly face, something difficult problems are different. Some party members and the masses of cadres to do meticulous work, patience, and even to the masses in two words or three trouble, angry, Yaowuheliu, if only by his "shock and awe", "sincerely convinced the masses". After all these cadres aim consciousness, public servant consciousness, consciousness of the problem of the masses.

No matter the interests of the masses. How to create a new image of the service window, to enhance the level of service for the people, how to make the government service hotline, government websites, government APP become the bridge between the government and the masses of the people? On the one hand, these units need to improve their work style, close ties with the masses, actively perform public service duties; on the other hand, the discipline inspection organs must strictly adhere to the supervision and discipline of accountability, discipline is in the front, are keen to engage in formalism and bureaucratism cadres timely cop sweating, prevent small the problem caused by impact. Discipline violation of Party members and cadres, not only the direct responsibility for responsibility and accountability of the leadership, and giving names bulletin exposure, to serious accountability forced cadres turn style change style.



Source: National Commission website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

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