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After the death of collar subsistence allowances? The director of the village kind to imitate other village patrol group accountability 97

2018-11-08 15:32 The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission State website TF011

"Our village jade a husband has died, his wife got his low premium! Regardless of your pipe?" Not long ago, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Xincheng County in the process of cross in the township received a report of the villagers. The dead can bring benefits? This suddenly aroused the attention of the inspection group

Patrol personnel quickly came to the Si Lian Zhen Lian Jiang Cun were reported at home to verify the situation. A jade not only admit the truth, but also full of gratitude: "my husband is dead, our family life difficult, thanks to the director of the village to take care of us, let us continue to receive subsidies." Obviously, to continue to receive subsidies, and not a jade feel what is wrong. The fact is confirmed, the patrol staff found the village director Mo Mo Moumou Moumou, in this regard, performance is also very calm: "yes, difficult to their home, she is married to the field, now with their two children, they have nothing to eat, I will not stop to give them subsidies." "Each subsidy payment provisions are clear, but you so recklessly violate discipline!" Patrol staff look dignified that Mo was so aware of the serious situation, take the initiative to explain other similar situation: "we have several village households after the death of several subsidized, near the village of all this, I also follow the."

The inspection group will rapidly expand the scope of verification to Si Lian Zhen, after preliminary statistics verification, Si Lian Zhen widespread dead collar subsidies phenomenon, mainly concentrated in the low premiums and pension two. Thus, things not as easy as you think. Xincheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee decided to issue a comprehensive verification of subsidies. Xincheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee quickly set up a task force, led the list, guaranteeing payment of personnel from the pension transfer of the County Civil Affairs Bureau, jointly launched the towns Commission for Discipline Inspection, verification of home village. The investigation, from 2012 to 2017, Xincheng County continue to receive subsistence allowances after the death of 651 people, involving an amount of 679 thousand and 605 yuan.

The country has specific provisions for guaranteeing payment, payment of pensions to regular face verification, collar subsidies to the village cadres home check, or check. What the hell is that why to deceive, let "dead collar subsidy" phenomenon?

"I did it for the villagers, their life is not easy......" Village officials seem to have reached a tacit understanding, with the same rhetoric, under the banner of "starting from the perspective of farmers under the banner, want to avoid responsibility. But the fact is not true, according to the Xincheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee to understand the comprehensive verification of the situation, the real life difficult family very little, especially to the family pension, the conditions are pretty good. Moreover, there is really difficult family, can also be through the normal application guaranteeing payment and other help. The main reason causing death as usual "subsidized" phenomenon is not as lazy, cadre work. "A verification workload, in order to finish the task in the office to sign on behalf of the material." The face of the fact that the village cadres also reveal the truth.

This village, township and county is even more so. Xincheng County twice a year low rating, the town is only as a mere formality, not really verification, the county cadres to farmers at home even perennial.

Of course, some people feel wronged". "That may appear this kind of circumstance, there are relevant regulations, dare not neglect, every year I try to check, in the village to hide, there is really no way." In the face of the discipline of cadres, North Township District Leaders in charge of fan Moumou seems to have a stomach grievances.

"If you know this may happen, why not take more effective measures? There is no home checked? The occurrence of so many similar cases, caused a great loss to the country?" By constantly the facts and do ideological work, Huang Moumou gradually aware of their own problems, to accept the organization.

Finally, the Xincheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee to receive subsistence allowances, pension insurance dead 97 dereliction of accountability: when he was deputy director of Xincheng County Civil Affairs Bureau pan Moumou by the party warning; North Township more united front member fan Moumou by the party warning; Si Lian Zhen Lian Jiang Village Committee Director Mo Moumou by the party warning disposition...... The money has been recovered. (the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission State website Li Xujian)



Source: National Commission website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

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