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Why western scholars about the political future of Chinese predicted the same mistake again? Experts say that the National People's Congress

2018-11-08 15:23 Theory Weekly TF011

"Chinese Political Epistemology" is my ten years of research Chinese political integration works. Some of the results have been published in form, on the basis of the new written several parts, constitute the research on China panoramic view, the political system of what I have been seeking.

To explore the political logic of democratic politics China

This study named "on" Chinese political awareness, is an expression of the deep feeling. What a fantastic world, for example, how can people use a concept of history and culture, civilization across the board to measure gene completely different? Does the world back to the era of European medieval church politics?

For any kind of government, different perspectives have different views, but the formation of Western popular China political understanding is a concept of the cold war system, in particular "concept of the world" to control Chinese, the China political legitimacy problem is thought to exist. The theory of liberal democracy is not popular, because Chinese democratic party struggles, China democracy is not democracy.

I try to study the theory of legitimacy in dimension and vision of world history and world politics, political legitimacy embodies found China legality, people, effectiveness and justice of the constitution, is one of the most can reflect the people's democratic regime. Further investigation China political system and the decision-making process, found that the democratic nature of Chinese political democracy is very strong, so many attributes, democratic political logic to explore China politics.

Study on the historical Chinese organization of the Communist Party of the country, to explore new state theory

Understanding of China politics, need both historical dimension: China modern historical evolution and comparative view of history, nature and legitimacy of this view Chinese system selection. It Chinese history, when the ancient civilized country "from the western" nation "the impact of loss, China how to organize and as a modern country, and unlike other ancient civilizations such as the Osman empire was dismembered, exterminated? Various regimes have tried, from Sun Zhongshan to Yuan Shikai to the Beiyang government and Nanjing national government, didn't work.

But not China communist revolution to seize power in the process, it is a long process of re organization of the country, one of the greatest organized way which is through the mass line will be at the bottom of people's organizations, this is undoubtedly a government is different from other socialist countries for development.

Only with regard to Chinese, Communist Party as a national organizer is the academic circles at home and abroad make great efforts to study. New state is different from the earlier developed capital country standard, is different from the general developing countries only for national liberation and social revolution in the country, and even different from other political parties and rely on the elite to seize power in socialist countries. One of the biggest difference is that the Communist Party does not Chinese but by Marxism Leninism organized political party, is imbued with the thought of the people's political organization; and the system of traditional thought of the people, that we have become accustomed to the mass line.

Whether the class party theory, national party theory, not to mention the election party theory of American style, could not explain the Communist Party of Chinese. This "different", is Chinese road and political system vitality. Study on the historical Chinese organization of the Communist Party of the country, to explore new state theory.

Some developing countries are ineffective governance reverse fate, to prove the correctness of the Chinese Road

The world history from the perspective of comparative political development, after several waves of the wave of democratization, the vast majority of the world's developing countries or regions become more like the United States or the United Kingdom, such as Philippines in accordance with the president of the United States was established in India according to the British political system, cabinet system to establish political system in China the Taiwan area has also been involved in the "third wave", and is called the fourth wave of democratization "and" Arabia spring ", what is the result? All obvious to people.

Not only that, the so-called "universal value" as a liberal democracy, have let themselves in the western countries that have overwhelmed the British and European referendum success, Trump was elected president of the United States is the so-called "black swan" event. Today, not only many non western countries people for western democracy seems to be a little scared, Trump is the United States government also announced to give up the so-called "values diplomacy", not to other countries in the so-called "Color Revolution" and the military coup.

In the reform and opening up, China inevitably trend of world political impact, but the autonomy of the ruling party simply carry over again and again.

Very thin Si fear, if Chinese has become a member of the so-called "universal value" of the club today, what would it look like? If no political force and China and other developing countries on the western democratic road, China fate will not be better than other countries.

Therefore, understanding of the Chinese political theory, first of all is to Chinese history and world history perspective China understanding the political development of political road, the popular practice in a perspective of polity, must abandon.

The construction of an attempt to Chinese democratic discourse system

Understanding China politics in comparative politics perspective, we have no reason to give up. A strong political confidence first need self-confidence self consistent theory based on the theory of self consistent theory is derived from a set of independent social science discourse system.

Therefore, many of the basic category, basic concepts in the social sciences need to be reconsidered in view of tradition and reality and in the world. For example, the democratic awareness, democratic China It goes without saying that the political system, and to better understand this, it is necessary to have a democratic system of discourse. The democratic theory of representation, the most taboo stage and policy summary, that becomes a hanging train longer and more skin, with the passage of time will decrease the significance. As a theoretical political practice, to stand the test of time, is a general concept of social science research based on the description of.

China democracy is reflected in the path of political development, political system, political process, embodies the people's democratic regime, the state system of democratic centralism and political consensus democracy, is a kind of "democratic governance". The democratic party struggles caused by ineffective governance and state failure, "democratic governance" nature is a kind of democratic model can pursue.

Of course, the construction of democratic politics China discourse system, we first need to clarify the basic issues of liberal democracy popular. In the past ten years in the field of political science research is a focus of Liberal Democratic Theory and practice problem (see my "concept of democracy and the practice of democracy", 2014), immediately after the first break, this book is an attempt to construct China democratic discourse system.

Why make predictions of foreign scholars about the political future of China 100 years

This study is a kind of protective and non ideal system based on some critical - which is the western academic circles as the so-called "academic standards". In fact, what the non protective theory of democracy? The construction of Inpet, Almond, Sartori and other generations of liberal democracy is not in accordance with the defense of the American political system and selectively build up or protect theory?

Understanding about China politics has been critical works too much, especially China political studies from western academia, because they are used to control his belief system Chinese, right on Chinese political future results predicted that in one hundred years, "Chinese collapse theory" has collapsed. An important reason is to own concepts of history and culture and political China completely different, so can not understand the internal logic of the political Chinese. The general reason is that each of us seems to be familiar with the "politics" was too complex, such as politics not only restricted directly by the economic system and the social system, social economic system behind the historical culture and civilization and its gene, with political and autonomy.

So, understanding the "political" there are at least three different levels: the political dimension (including system and people) itself autonomy, economic and social civilization, directly affect the gene structural constraints. Although politics is an ancient social science, but the understanding of "politics" is often a simple empirical theory, complexity theory and non existence, existence of political theory from the deep understanding of different civilizations.

The escort of study is Chinese historical and comparative historical research an ideology based on the belief that if the China deviated from the people's democratic political development is to take people as the political center as the foundation, it will not be the people's democratic ideas, nor the theory of guarding their own problems, but their political a big problem. This study demonstrates as the counterfactual method, has repeatedly told us the non western countries our liberal democratic and extremely serious consequences.

(author Yang Guangbin as Dean of University of International Relations, Renmin University of China)



Source: Theory Weekly

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